(WIP) Brawlection 2012

My piece for NSFW #150 is done, but I’m sitting on it until Monday. So I went ahead and started working on the next part of the roadmap.

I haven’t done any political artwork in awhile. As usual, I try to aim for equal-opportunity humor (or at least to not be outright mean to one side). Things like… Presidents and Congress-doods playing the video games.

Four years ago I did the original Senator Brawl piece and today it still remains one of my most popular. With the next presidential elections coming up, I’ve some big shoes (well, stretched big) to fill in the lulz department.

“We got this, right Joe?” “:D”
“I DON’T GET IT, IT’S NOT WORKING!” “Please don’t worry! We can still make it!”

In my headcanon, all major elections end with both sides taking up in 2vs2 Smash Bros. throwdown, and it would naturally be livestreamed over the internets. As you can see in the above doodle, the logistics don’t exactly pan out. I know it may look like I portray the R team as being inept with Wiimotes and video games in general, but… this does draw on what is observed in the news and inferences on the candidate’s personalities.


So, here we are. This is much easier than the unexpected mob scene that was the NSFW piece, so finishing before Election Day will be a non-issue. :D

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