Cats and capes

So… remember those emergency foster kittens we picked up last week-ish? Turns out mother decided we’re going to keep them. It’s only been 10 days and their eyes aren’t even open, but she’s already given them names and coos over them… there’s just no way she’d be able to part with them at the 6-week mark as typical for fosters.

Not that I mind, of course– my cat bias notwithstanding, and the fact that they are ludicrously easy compared to dogs. So as long as we don’t get ratted out to Animal Control, nobody cares. :P Of course, it would be nice if I could take one of the two boys. No fair that mother gets to hog all the cats after Kestine!

Pics forthcoming; I’d like to wait until their eyes open and I can get pics of them in better lighting than the interior of a dark cat carrier. But holy crap are these doods loud when they’re hungry and MORESO when annoyed. It’s not bulldog-level, but definitely noticeable. XD

In other news, City of Heroes is “sunsetting.” Ignoring being Neo’s “option dot” in PlanetSide for awhile, CoH was my first MMORPG after RO (whose F2P Classic server I’ve been rolling around in until MoP goes live in WoW, ahem). There’s obviously quite the uproar over CoH going dark in November. I’ve pretty much accepted its fate, and… well, as much as this makes me look like a jerk, it’s cute that people think that making all this fuss is going to accomplish anything. True, the game is still reasonably profitable, but you have to consider that by the time the news reached the playerbase, upper management had already made up its mind and there’s little that anyone’s going to be able to do about it.

I gotta give CoH props, though– it was the first game in which I could implement anything resembling a dragon transformation. I do have quite a few memories– and scars– bound to this game. The “global” development of many of my tertiary characters (particularly Phil and Leslie), encountering Legion of Catgirls, the rise of Action Cat and, yes, the entire tale of Kopii Yoshi, including her betrayal by Team Immortal. My only regrets are that there won’t be enough time to get Blastoise (“Proto Kamex” in this universe) to lv. 50, and I doubt I could persuade Neo to roll sniper Numair back out to level-cap him too. :|

Also: ACTION CAT DEFEATS THE TERRORISTS, doods. Never forget. :(

tangent: Poor Hikaru. Can’t catch a break, she’s always going to end up rolling “forever alone” no matter what game I roll her in. I’m either ditched after a couple days, or I get Kit-blocked and made to deal with Pink Hell if I want to participate. *grumble* I was wandering around in the Argiope map in iRO Classic a couple days ago and ohgod all the memories, especially those of Hikaru giving up EXP gain so Numair could get his last job level and thus classchange faster, and then the next day we went to the Assassin Guild map to finish Hikaru’s training without being bothered by Denlan. Why do I remember these things? I’m going to sleep.

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