(WIP) Not that matte + OMG TABLET

Something that DOESN’T involve characters this time. As the filename indicates, it’s to be part of Outer Yggdrasil (the stepped crater that surrounds the capital and the Xbox-huge namesake tree). I predict lots and lots of drybrush madness and perhaps even going in deeper to use the cover pencil for very fine highlights.

In closely-related news: the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is out TODAY. This is the dream tablet I mentioned earlier this year. I stashed away the coins I would have spent on it (I predicted it’d be the same as an iPad, and that turned out to be right) when Samsung withdrew the thing for revisions, so now the money gets rolled back out.

Amazon needs to hurry up and post this Note 10.1 for ordering because I’m totally overnighting one, Prime-eligible or no. It would be REALLY NICE if it were Prime, though, because it’d only be, like, $5 for shipping. It would also be really nice if Amazon carried ’em in white, since Best Buy over here only has them in dark grey and I want the white one to make up for not getting a white iPhone. :P

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