Detour Downstairs

Uh… well that just happened.

I woke up to a BOX!!!1 on my side-table. It was my video card, of course, but like hell am I going to crack open Blastoise until I’ve nibbled something, because Yoshi+ empty stomach + robo-surgery = faceplanting on dusty desk with potential to inhale extra case screws = NO.

And then… I get summoned downstairs (!) with Dinah (!!) for an experiment: the installation of a curtain over the puppy gate. In theory this would stop the Berserk Cacophony of WOOF that gets triggered whenever I come downstairs for whatever reason (usually to take pizza delivery). This also comes with the bonus of keeping Evil Stepfather from staring at me like a creeper.

I wanted to do the card swap while there was daylight because Blastoise’s case is painted such that it sucks out artificial light (but not natural). But… this sounded worthwhile, and I kinda wanted a change of scenery for the day anyway, even if the most likely end result was that I’d just sleep on the couch all day because it’s not often I get to sit on a real couch. :P

…which is exactly what happened, albeit interrupted by my cat jumping on and shuffling around on top of me, that little purrbot. Though… I DID get pizza and discovered I actually have the Blu-Ray version of the first Men in Black. I think it came with one of the Blu-Ray drives I installed. It was still in its shrink-wrap and cardboard insert, haha!

Anwho, experiment is a partial success. Dogs can’t go berserk at the sight of me, but incidental (and unavoidable) noises like doorbells still set them off. Well, it’s SOMETHING, I guess.

Blastoise gets cracked open in the morning. Hopefully nothing goes bad and he’s up and running before raid time. :P Cripes I miss dual monitors.


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