It Gets Weird(er)

Dumb Yoshi is DUMB and should have read the documentation better. This card (Galaxy MDT GTX570) is basically “one monitor or three/four/five, no twosies for you!” Basically, I need to get my hands on a third monitor, preferably one that matches my secondary (a 22″) if I want to go anywhere. For now, Blastoise gets to be One-Eye McPirateFace and I’ll have to drag Dinah over to make her pick up IM/Twitter watch.

…though, Amazon says 22″ widescreen Samsungs are $150, that’s not TOO bad…
F it, I’ll make Robert get it for me. :P Ha ha ha!

I was planning on going triple monitors sometime, this just wasn’t how I was going to go about it. Oh well. This also forces me to clean up my desk hardcore (and soon), I’ve got soooo much junk out here. >_>;

Oh, I forgot to mention this but I investigated Blastoise’s non-working frontside USB ports… turns out I’d put the header into the Firewire port. OOPS. Now that that’s fixed, that’s opened up, like… 3 more USB ports. Rock!


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