Only In My Dreams

Hi. I have a Nintendo 3DS as of 9:30 this morning. (Early delivery is EARLY! Damn.)
Aqua Blue, of course! It’s close to being Maximillian-blue as I’m going to get.
Of course, you can’t have a game system without a game* so I looted Mario Kart 7 with it, and Tales of the Abyss is on preorder, to drop next week.

Graphically, holy smoo on a cracker did Nintendo win it this time. I’ve had low expectations of Nintendo on a graphical level for quite awhile (see: the Wii and its lack of true HD, using component barely gets you widescreen but you’re still capped at 480p). The original DS was… okay with its graphics that were Nintendo 64-equivalent and all matte-looking and still bitmappy in places, but the 3DS really is a dramatic jump ahead in this department. I’d put it on par with late-phase PS2/GameCube. There’s actually reflective/shiny surfaces, and the lens flares actually looks like a convincing lens flare and not like a bunch of bitmaps synchronized to simulate a lens flare. :P

One tiny little problem, though… and this isn’t really Nintendo’s fault as it is just the great Random Number Generator that I got stuck with during Real Life Character Creation. Seems I’m stereoblind! Doh! Though… looking back, I never could get those stereograms to work for me. I remember getting a headache trying to get a stereogram print of Luigi to “pop out” and it never did. (Amusingly enough, so says Wikipedia: stereoblindness is common among artists. Hah!)

Fortunately, even us stereoblindies can still enjoy the 3DS. Nobody in their right mind would code a game dependent on the ability to see stereoscopic 3D. Not to mention, since this is useless to me, I can just turn it off and save on battery charge. :D

It’s going to rock next week when Tales of the Abyss drops. I don’t think it adds anything that wasn’t in the PS2 version, but I had to get it on principle. It’s like how I MUST own every variant of Final Fantasy 4 that gets released here. >:D

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