(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Triple Complete Birthday, Dood

Triple Complete Birthday
Screw your Double Rainbows! Triple Complete Birthday, Dood!
Yes, I know a crapton of other famous people have 1/17 birthdays… but this is for NSFW. How long has it been since I did an Instant Ramen piece this complex in one sitting? 12+ hours from start to finish… uh… 2 hours for the line art, I think, and the rest of it was coloring. And 2/3 of the coloring was on that background, which got the most feedback from the chat room.

I didn’t livestream this and just as I thought going in, I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE (if only to have a recording). Doh!

I would say that I should go lie down because I’m still congested like a plugged-up warp pipe, but actually standing up makes it not so boo. Also my cat is putting his paws on me again in potentially-inappropriate places (because kitty is a lover and not a fighter). Keep on top of the Twitters, and your forks/chopsticks polished for the next alert of Instant Ramen LIVE, doods!

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