Derpbox Part 2

– Bad PS2/3 component cable is bad. Shame on you, Sony– you put this thing in one of those awful, pain in the ass to open cases, and the audio part of it doesn’t even work. And because I had to practically tear apart the box to open it, good luck on getting a return/exchange. I’m convinced half the price goes into all the packaging!

– PS3 is… really weird about A/V inputs. You would think it would auto-detect based on what cable is plugged in, but you have to do it manually. It likes its HDMI too much and like hell am I going to go through the trouble of switching back and forth between capture box and HDMI, so it’s out. PS2 w/ component is the way to go for now on this side

– I’m assuming the Wii isn’t going to give me much, if any trouble since it DOES auto-detect. Good Nintendo, you actually do something right for once. :P

– PSP component out cable (along with replacement PS2 component cable) on order.

– I had thought Blastoise could play without lag… but I jumped the shark there. He can go lag-free… for a few minutes, and then it’s just as bad as everywhere else. There’s pretty much no way around it, I’ll have to do a passthrough. Good thing this got sorted out early on in my playthrough or else it would have been rather icky.

Looks like my next Amazon box is going to be a bit cable-happy. In addition to the replacement and PSP cables, also looting an RCA Y-adapter for mother, and a mini-DisplayPort to HDMI (this goes on Dinah).

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