Small Rays in the Dawn

It only took a few hours before I began to notice the initial effects of the Blue Synthroid. I like to imagine Blue Synthroid as being like the first-tier Water of Life from the original Zelda… except mine is a blue pill that is meant to dissolve in water. But, you get the idea. >_>; I get a month’s worth of these suckers for the first charge, but the later ones are eligible for upgrade to a 90-day version… I dunno if said upgrade will sap the remaining refill charges. o_o; Hopefully not! But, being a cash dood, you never know… That, and results of bloodwork are always liable to trigger a script change.

So, I am a little over 12 hours out from having taken my first Synthroid pill since, um… early January? About 3 hours after, I didn’t feel as sluggish, but I also had food at the same time. As the night went on, I could very slowly sense the fog lifting away… there wasn’t as much lag between my thinking something and it actually executing either in real space or even a computer action. I’m sure that as the synthroid re-accumulates and distributes itself, the fog will go away faster.

Slowga on my face = GTFO, plz.

Oh! I know when I’ll know when the Blue Synthroid’s at maximum effect… I’ll stop feeling like a zombie in my laboratory. See, I’m packing dual monitors, and for normal people, more monitors makes the room hotter. Not so much for me. In fact, on the surface, I’m, like… zombie-chilly. (I do not, however, crave brains. Food is still boring to me for the most part. >_>;)

I’m only still awake because I caught a bit of a second wind around 2am. So much for trying to reorient my sleep schedule… but it’s not like that would accomplish anything useful, either. :\ Depending on when I start to drop off, I may go ahead with the next dose. Otherwise, later today I guess I’ll give Painter a go, hitting the Randomizer Block to see if enough brain fog has lifted to be able to do anything.


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