(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Please Continue

Lazrigees Academy 01 - Please Continue
So, um… hi.
Once again, for all my sound and fury, it’s mid-November and I only have one piece of Lazrigees Academy to show for it. Fail Yoshi is fail. I can’t promise anymore before it’s time to change over for Snowschemes (and ohgod I don’t even know how many of THOSE I’ll be able to do). I’d like y’all to meet my friend “anemia,” and it’s been rearing its ugly head more often since circumstances frequently result in my only getting to eat once a day. It’s weird, isn’t it? :P

I’m not a drinking woman, so instead of booze, I’ll just say “goddamn I need a slice of sausage and pepperoni right now.” (Also, a little birdy told me that Pizza Hut is bringing back the Cheesy Bites spec next week. HELL. YES.) Failing that, stupid amounts of chocolate would also work.

Now, all that said… dude. DUDE. Deeum and Haruko’s daily catfights. This is the least of how explosive they could be. >:D They could go freaking Project A-ko and rip the school apart and Phil would still just sit there and drink his tea, amused at the shenanigans. XD

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