Chair Yay

Chair freaking get yesterday. Took a little bit to unpack and set up but it was a simple assembly.
I was actually able to sleeeeeep. In fact, I think I slept better than in my old chair. :D It’s nowhere near as noisy (just the sound of things rubbing on faux-leather) and is quite stable and supports me much better and totally worth the $160 I dropped on it.

But ya, this was a needed reminder of the value of a good night’s sleep. Of course, chair of awesome should not replace an actual bed, but considering mine is a bad kind of demon and is trying to kill me… >_>;;;
I think part of the fix entails new and MORE pillows. (Seriously, the ones I have now are crap. Old and flat and I have to double ’em up to have any effect.) Better still, if I could move the bed juuuuust enough so it’s up against the wall so I can pile up pillows at an incline… oh yeah. There are other factors but these are things that can be done in the short term. I just need to clean up the perimeter of my room ‘ such, and unfortunately I can only do that when everyone else is gone so mother won’t stick her nose in and invent reasons to get all drama-queeny. -_-;

…ah, chair. While Best Buy calls it an office chair, this is more like a chair/ottoman set you would use to put up your feet and watch TV in as opposed to doing work. A “slacker’s office chair” if you will.


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