Another Lost Machine


Would it kill you to, like, not download every shiny piece of garbage floating around the internets?
Especially since they tend to result in your machine getting hijacked by one of those “fake antivirus” virii.
Failing that… could you at least keep your antivirus software updated?

The machine I got summoned to rescue was one that I’d built. It’s a gut punch for me if I can’t save an ailing machine. It’s a DOUBLE gut punch if it’s one that I built! x_x Mayhaps if I’d gotten to Reuben earlier (I was able to save Filia since I got called in before the damage became too widespread)… but no, he is a lost machine because of the severity of his infection and his age. Boooooo.

Welp, at least I got food out of it. (nom nom nom)

New SMB Wii multiplayer = OMFG.

It’s way harder than if you’re alone. XD Yet, the chaos of everyone bumping and jumping off each other (and often into a pit) is oddly amusing.
Ah… it looks like some 1up-farming may be in order here. XD If Mario and Luigi go hatlass at 99 lives, does the same happen to the two Toads?

The iPhone app says my chair is already in Ontario, but the normal trackers say it’s still in Illinois. >_>;

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