In which I have a video nerd moment

Slingbox on wired = *DROOL*

It’s not that wifi mode is bad. You can actually pull a good quality signal over wifi… so as long as it’s in LAN and not via internet. But, if both the Slingbox and the unit you’re watching from are on wired, the video quality is AWESOME.

Take this: I was pulling about 2.5mb/s when the Slingbox was on wifi, and capping out around 3. Now that I’m on wired, I’m averaging 3-4mb/s and capping at 6. Yes, there is a noticeable difference: HD video being piped through actually looks like HD, rather than just slightly-fuzzy widescreen streaming of HD channels. :D :D :D

And that’s just watching from Blastoise! I should go see what this looks like on the Slingcatcher downstairs (wired, hooked up to a HUGE Samsung LCD TV). It’s probably indistinguishable from if I had been watching from the actual DVR.

I’ve not switched Yggdrasil over to wired mode yet, I need to go dig up a couple more short ethernet cables. I’ve two more slots on this switch– Yggdrasil and my PS3 will be taking those. The old Wireless-N adapter’s getting put on Jin since we had to switch the network printer to wired mode, and I’ll fling the old wireless-g bridge at Robert so he can put his PS3 on the network.

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