You Have To Get Out Sometime

I’m not near either of my tablets, so you’ll have to use your imagination for this:
Yoshi and [info]brendala doing the whole Yukarimobile “HELL YEAH” thing (in this case, I would be the Tomo of the two).

…I lie, that didn’t actually happen, but it’s still fun to think about. Really, I was more of the GPS chick. (I swear, the thing that it’s mounted on is like a freaking microphone boom.)

ANYWAY: Haaaaaai Montclair.

Sadly, with its anime store gone, Montclair Plaza’s sole appeal to me (well, aside from Sbarro’s) is pretty much Gamestop. And even then… I dunno, I thought I’d go snapping up games (which is why I held off on doing so via Amazon) but I just wasn’t feeling it today.

My having no stamina at all and a badly stubbed toe from a couple days ago (as in, enough to have drawn blood; I banged my left index toe while stumbling out of the bathroom in the dark, I didn’t know I’d drawn blood until I later woke up to Kestine LICKING IT, wtf) kinda made getting around a little oof, too. Well, my fault, there. Concurrently, even though I had to rest several times, I did, you know, actually get to walk around a bit. do I still get points?

Actually, I think the best part was probably slacking at Panera. (Side note: the shells and cheese? OMNOMNOMNOM.) Do not underestimate the power of awesome low-key lighting and free wi-fi. I’d brought Dinah with me, but I ended up using my iPod Touch instead.

So… yeah, a Yoshi went out today. And again tomorrow, though tomorrow’s trip is slightly more SRS BSNS because it involves an eye appointment and then new glasses. However, that also means I get to dump these Xbox-sized Ralph Laurens, finally. Not that they were bad glasses– I happen to like huge lenses– but holy crap they just cannot stay on my face if I as much as look down. I hate nose guards but I’d rather deal with them if it means the glasses will, you know, stay on.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Win and awesome. I like the “3D” Mario installments but sometimes you just have to sidescroll it.
Though I must again register my protest of using not one, but TWO generic Toads. WTF, Nintendo. Would it have killed you to use THE Toad and Toadette? Or better still, *Yoshi* and Toadette? (Yoshi as a mount is nice… except for the fact that you cannot keep him between levels and he’s only in a few of them, which is sad because he is just ridiculously adorable here.) Or, better still, include Wario as an option?
Anywho, if you want fun in a can, you’ll pick this up. Especially if you liked the DS version.
Eventually I’ll have to tinker with multiplayer, oh yes…


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