But it’s still cold.

Dude, new HD channels. MSNBC HD? Yessssss.
I’ve been waiting for that for… how long? Good god Time Warner is SLOOOOW to patch.

I think our router is on the fritz. Wireless radio keeps dropping, to the point where it pretty much dies once or twice a day.
To be fair, though, we’ve had it since Wireless-N went into beta, and we have a crapton of wireless stuff… but it’s still damned annoying when I have to go reset the router daily.
Don’t have the coins to replace it right now but in January, we’re swapping it out and stacking two Gigabit ethernet switches on it so I can migrate as much as posible over to wired to reduce the wireless congestion.
I’ma probably going to have to get a new Wireless-N card for Dinah, too– she keeps dropping her wireless signal mid-load and I got her card at the same time as the router (it might have even come with the router).

Bleh, still haven’t been able to draw because it’s so cold.
I’m thinking I need to eat a freaking fire flower or something.


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