Fun is too much to contain

Add another item to the list of “too awesome to wait it out over.”
Mother is all “by the way, you WILL loot that iPod Touch as soon as it gets here, you’d be insane to wait to use something that fun.”


I was going to tell her that it doesn’t matter if I take ownership now or on the 25th since unless the thing comes with an iTunes card or 60 coins suddenly appear in the Magic Coin Block, I won’t be able to load up on ALL the paid apps I was eyeing until I reload. (Trillian, yes, because it’s only $5) I also realize I need to code a static, iPod Touch-friendly version of my Altima Network Remote Dashboard (and if you are interested, you can fiddle with its incomplete-for-the-moment Flash version here) and potentially Ayarane Project, too. I’m pretty sure the iPod Touch’s browser probably won’t take kindly to the AP version with its columns and such, har har har. Though I do hear that its browser is MUCH better than the one on the PSP.

I don’t know where this thing’s shipping from, so I’m just going to assume that Tuesday is the earliest it could get here.. probably longer, though, because mother had it engraved with the best laser engraver from this review of Boss Laser online. :P
And because I KNOW someone is going to ask… I consider things like my phone (and I guess this iPod Touch) to be extensions of Dinah, so I guess it would be appropriate to name it after a ninja weapon, and cut a Dinah wallpaper.

…oh hi, Costco pizza. Omnomnomnom. :O~

Wait… I know why mother wants me to take the Touch right away– EARBUDS! She burns through those things like crazy! Well, she can have them, I hate earbuds and Bluetooth headphones are so much better!


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