Letters to random things (mostly inanimate objects)

because I am bored. Woohoo!

Dear sun: Stop playing peekaboo and make up your mind already. It’s distracting >_>;

Dear glasses: Stop falling off when I bend over to pick up my laser mouse that Kestine keeps batting off the bed.

Dear Dinah: Why are you so quick to jump to 100% CPU usage and thus maximum fan speed? WTF. (side note: do not let her hit 160F, that would be her “death” temp)

Dear Yggdrasil: Why can’t I crank your text size up to 150%? :( Yet I can do it on Blastoise and Dinah, what the hell….

Dear bed: Please stop trying to kill me, I’d rather sleep on you than this creaky-ass chair.

Dear splinter or toenail that I stepped on and got embedded in my heel: Hurry up and break down already, it stings :(

Dear router: Why do you keep dropping wireless radio? Dropping wifi but leaving ethernet alone = NOT AMUSED.

Dear self: Stop freaking out about… that. You know what I’m talking about. You know they mean well but are comple– ooh, a kitty!

I THINK we’re going to see 2012 today. Though with the rain this morning and such, that might have thrown things off. Hm.
Until I wake up completely and figure out which Snowscheme to do next, I’m going to wrap up in these blankets and wach the TWiT live stream for awhile. >_>;

Brr. Again.


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