Front panel wiring is stupid.

Seriously, system building would be so much easier if front panel wiring for Power/Reset switches and such were done like their front panel USB/Firewire cousins– lump them all into one head and enforce a standard layout for the pins rather than break apart the wires and leave us punks second-guessing if we transposed or inverted the wire placement.

…yeah, I think that makes it pretty clear that Iggy did not boot again. Bleh. I don’t feel like cracking him open YET AGAIN today to figure out where I botched it (even though I literally had the manual in the other hand) and it’s already so late, so I’ll just wait until tomorrow.

Raiding CBS’s stash of Craig Ferguson monologues and such makes Yoshi the Computer Monster not so >:(. Maybe I should have episodes run when I crack open boxes. For the lulz!

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