POST is Not Cereal

…now who saw THIS coming? :P (Stop laughing, Aeth)

At first, case wiring foiled me. Once that was dealt with, though, the real problem surfaced. The case of the missing POST has come back to bite me in the ass yet again! *O Fortuna*

To be fair, Yggdrasil IS using a reused mobo/CPU/RAM (from Synergy 1.0). All the other parts are new or at least confirmed to be working… so it’s got to be something in there. Thing is, I would be cutting it so, SO close if I ordered another mobo/CPU/RAM trio right now, unless I get some Gourmet Ramen commissions or (even less likely) mother decides to reimburse me for her share of several months of pet insurance. It MIGHT be doable if I can get these VPI rebate checks deposited. Otherwise I’ll have to wait until January when I refill my checking account.

…well, i could just try swapping out RAM (because RAM is cheap). But then if it turns out that Yggdrasil still wants a new mobo… Blee-effing-ah. What happened to the days when I could build a box that would POST or not blow up the first time? x_x

Need food. And shower. Shower is being hampered by my ladyparts conspiring against me. Someone did not get the memo to, um, turn down or stop the output when it was supposed to, and I would really much prefer not to clog my shower drain. I’ll leave it at that. >_>;

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