Half-baked subconscious podcast ambitions?

Weird dream time. (ftr, last thing I ate was angel hair pasta w/ garlic bread)

Apparently I had a video podcast. Except instead of actual video of me, it was more like a bunch of CG stills of me behind a desk, with RANDOM COSPLAY. It was kinda like Rachel Maddow with a heavy Azumanga/Lucky Star slant. Also there was a Twitter Ticker at the bottom.

Could this be done in real life? Possibly… however, right now I’m having issues getting the audio part of my bluetooth to cooperate (probably because I got a cheap-ass adapter) and I have a bunch of existing Ramen to clear out first before I can even think about drawing up the base stills. I stll and will always hate the sound of my own voice, but apparently most of the internets find it tolerable or even cute, so I guess that wouldn’t be an issue. If anything, this would be a use for my YouTube channel (since I have apparently misplaced my GameBridge and can’t finish the .hack phase battle captures until I get my HD capture box in December). :P

Not to mention, what the hell would I even call this thing? Happy Hour with Yoshi Ayarane? From the Desk of Your Overlord? The Ramen Factor? or something equally ridiculous…

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