Parts and Labor II

Iggy’s PSU arrived today. (Yesterday, his video card and Wifi dongle arrived.) Most likely, the case will hit tomorrow… thus it would be the earliest I could physically assemble my Robo-Fusoya of sorts (…I like this nickname XDDDD), even though I won’t really be able to do anything with him until Windows 7 hits next week, so I may as well just wait.

STILL debating if I should take out Blastoise’s secondary drive and feed it to Iggy, since Iggy IS taking over as the media server (and thus Blastoise can finally sleep at night). This is the other reason why I’m waiting to assemble Iggy. Additionally, this has an unintended consequence of Dinah not likely to be on as much, which I guess is okay.

He looks to be an easy build, really. The CPU/RAM’s already been done for me (BY ME… after all, Synergy was the first box I built from scratch and I pocketed the original mobo after practically rebuilding her when I stupidly overlooked a blown video card). It’s simply a matter of connecting the video card, hard drive, optical drive and throwing everything and the PSU in the case and pray that nothing explodes*.

Iggy’s not a true HTPC in the sense that he does not have a TV tuner card– it’s not really necessary since 1) I need only change the video source to get to TV mode, and 2) the TV doesn’t have picture-in-picture but I can certainly fake it by means of SlingPlayer. (Speaking of which… DEAR MICROSOFT: If you want to be extra-awesome, you could patch SlingPlayer support into Windows Media Center as an alternative to using a TV tuner card. :D Just saying.) I suppose if I REEEEEEALLY wanted to, I could add in a TV card later, but since I’m getting an HD capture box in December (and switching my DVR over to HDMI), what’s the point?

Anywho, time for some Conan.

* I’ve never actually had anything explode on the first bootup, though I have stupidly inverted the power/reset switch wiring.

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