Parts and Labor

13 days until Windows 7 hits. Snap, I gotta get the rest of the parts to build Yggdrasil! Soft-cap is $300 (excluding the OS, which has already been dealt with).

I, uh, had to ditch the Mozart. It went and got a price hike (boo) and it won’t really fit in my current setup anyway (not without stacking on top of my DVR and paperweight of a VCR, and that’s just asking for trouble). I’d considered a Bach VX, but that was even worse– few stores carried it, and fewer still had it with free shipping (and those that did jacked up the price to compensate). So, next best thing: Wing MA! Small-ish, moderately-shiny, and barely over half of what the Mozart would have cost. DING DING DING, WE HAVE A WINNER.

Next up were the PSU and Wifi adapter. I wanted to go with a modular PSU because those would minimize cable hell… but then realize I’d be damned either way since the Wing MA is small, and Yggdrasil won’t have a whole lot in there. So, the OLD MAHN gets a Purepower 500W. As for the Wifi adapter, Altima Network runs Wireless-N+gigabit ethernet. I’m out of ethernet ports (eaten up by Blastoise, Jin, Tsunami and the Slingcatcher) so Iggy gets a Wireless-N stick.

This is, by the way, all through Amazon, due to their free shipping. And we like free shipping, even if it means a bit of a wait. (Which, in this case, is just fine.)

SO, the total, rounding up to the nearest dollar:
– Case (Thermaltake Wing MA) = $54
– PSU (Thermaltake Purepower 500W) = $68
– Wifi Adapter (Linksys WUSB600N) = $65
Total (before taxes) $187


I’ve not submitted it yet… chewing on whether or not I should fish out a video card that’s better than the GeForce 7600GT from the existing parts. Or another Bluetooth adapter. I’ll decide in a bit.

For now… I should probably do something about dinner. Maybe it can be Pizza Friday. >_>;;

Decided to tack on a GeForce 9500GT. Beefier than the 7600GT that’s on standby, but not a power-hog, thankfully. It bumped the final total up to around $253. I’m still under budget, however!

Also I think I just had an airhead moment… like, hardcore. Where are the sales taxes? I coulda sworn there are sales taxes involved. Or does Amazon just include ’em as part of the base price? Someone convince me I haven’t gone batty or missed something. TAXES!

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