This begs for a FF4 Nerd Moment. XD

So, NASA wants to bomb the moon Friday morning. Gotta see if there’s water in there or some other business.

My inner FF4 Nerd is compelled to pipe up. Dude, don’t you know Zeromus really hates it when you interrupt him while he’s napping? (Not that he wanted to sleep in the first place.) And don’t you realize the moon is stuffed with all sorts of weird shit like red giants, reanimated dinosaur bones and creepy robotic masks that bounce laser beams back in your newbish face?

I wouldn’t worry about Bahamut, though. A missile would be like a freaking pingpong ball off his back. :P

…okay, I’ll stop now. XD

Or not. Speaking of FF4… Friday is also SPOONY BARD DAY. And by Spoony Bard I mean his FF4DS voice actor Sam Riegel (who is also hilarity on Twitter, by the way), and Friday is his birthday. :D Oh sure, I could pimp out Reid or Silabus… but I’m a FF4 dork, and, dude, SPOONY BARD is forever. (I am still sad that THE LINE was not voiced in the DS version.)

Bard cake and moon bombing. I think I opened a can of worms by doing that Golbez-themed FE Bromide. I’m such a freaking FF4 nerd. XD

(LJ Edition: This is also an excuse to break out my super-deformed Pally!Cecil icon for use with FF4 Nerd Moment posts.)

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