Some things I thought you should know

– Autumn? Pfft. SoCal SO did not get the memo. Still freaking 100F here. Booooooo.

– My circuit breaker hates me. T_T Or rather, it hates me if I use the microwave in my laboratory. Unless it’s for VERY short bursts, it’ll cut power to my room… ah… good thing I wasn’t working on anything at the time (I was just waiting for Countdown to start so I microwaved one of my spaghetti trays… and zoop! Power’s gone.) It would bother me less if the circuit breaker was not out of reach behind all this junk in the garage, there is a reason why I get car lifts for garages all the time! x_x I had to go through two puppy gates, Evil Stepfather was glaring at me (since I had to pass within his line of sight, which is apparently ILLEGAL) and it was all for nothing since I couldn’t freaking get to the circuit breaker.

This won’t be so much of a problem when I build Yggdrasil next month since Blastoise won’t be on so much and thus he and the microwave won’t be competing for juice… but this is still a massive BOOOOOO.

– Can we please, PLEASE delete any and all footage of Tom DeLay’s ass from existence? Holy hell that is scary. T_T Even Aethflash is preferable to such a horrible sight. Also DeLay has ruined “Wild Thing” FOREVER.

– Why does Evil Stepfather STILL not get that yelling at the dogs to shut up will only make them bark more? MORON. He has a can of compressed air, he needs to freaking use it already.

– LJ Edition: I like using these new Etna and Flonne icons WAY too much.

– Finally… who is a new fan of Craig Ferguson? Me. :D He was on Countdown a couple days ago, so I figured… why not?
I’d previously just left the channel on 4 after Conan; Jimmy Fallon was okay in a dorky-amusing kind of way, but this guy is even funnier. Dude, CROCODILE PUPPET! XD
Yoshi = as always, behind the times. Oh well, better late to the party than never!

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