Because sometimes toaster ovens aren’t the right appliance

Next time I crash [info]brendala‘s house, I’m buying a freaking microwave.

This being continually locked out from the kitchen on account of LOL BULLDOGS (and jerk-ass stepfather) and the master bedroom (which has the only other microwave) being converted into a kitten nursery* and thus also on continual lockdown is really getting to me. Despite what mother claims, I don’t have mini-appliances to enable pigging-out, they are a backup measure for those all-too-frequent instances in which other means of getting any kind of food is blocked off for absurd lengths of time.


Pardon my crankiness, no munchies for nearly 24 hours makes Yoshi something-something. All my frozen dinners can’t be heated in my toaster oven without the plastic trays melting… and… yeah. I’ma go watch old Twitter Tracker segments now.

* Not breeding cats if that’s what you’re thinking. All the cats are fixed… it’s just that mother is all freaked out that she thinks that if she lets the two newcomers have full run of the house, either they’ll get sumo-tackled by LOL BULLDOGS (even though all the cats can very easily outrun said bulldogs) or that the incumbents will be mean to them. Boo freaking hoo, hissing is NOT the end of the world.

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