This is a Nyer Alert, Part… 4?

I haven’t mentioned Chloe in awhile, so I should do that first.

We had a FIP scare (Feline Infectious Peritonitis, a potential and more importantly FATAL mutation from the common and more-annoying-than-dangerous Corona virus) and that along with Kestine and Daisy being all >:( at this new intrusion prompted mother to stick Chloe in isolation after the initial wellness screening last week…

…which, by the way, led to a 3-day hospital stay in relation to that FIP/Corona thing. In this case, mother’s tendency to go over my head because I’m “too slow” (read: I don’t instantly jump to conclusion nor do I hastily dump large amounts of money without thinking) works in my favor because there would have been no way I could safely eat the $800+ bill up front. Where, again, is she getting all this money? >_>;

Anyway, mother proceeded to dispense the FIP fear-mongering despite, you know, still buying MORE cat toys and such (call me horrible, but why do that if you were THAT convinced Chloe was going to die?). But now it seems it was just that low-level Corona virus after all, since the symptoms are clearing up and Chloe’s putting on weight and generally settling into her role of being the other Nosy Kitty. We’ll have official confirmation next week if this is indeed the case, but all signs point to Chloe kicking the bug and becoming Daisy’s peer in Nosy-Fu.

I’ve half a mind to rig a cat-sized version of a certain mushroom-looking hat and cape… “Kitty Fang Blast” much? :3
so help me, if this makes me go replay Tales of Legendia, I know who to blame.

But yes, Chloe is super-nosy! Possibly even more than Daisy. When I’m unpacking my frozen dinners to put in the microwave in the master bedroom (where Chloe is being held until we get official confirmation that it was just Corona), she’s either trying to squeeze inside the empty box or will sniff at the frozen contents or attempt to lick the dew drops off the cellophane. At the same time she’s also a “pet me naaaaao”-type attention-whore like Kestine; she purrs VERY easily and given the opportunity she WILL crawl on you and sit on your shoulder and face-shove on your hair. XD And she has this bizarre fixation on my glasses in that if I’m wearing them, she’ll sniff and even lick the lenses, but if I put them on the bed, Chloe will run behind a pillow and from there attempt to pounce said glasses.

Cat owners! Is this extreme nosiness a female cat thing? (just like how boy kitties tend to be mellow love machines, at least post-neutering?) Obviously there are exceptions, like [info]brendala‘s cat who spooks easily, or Gateway the psychic ninja cat, but still…

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