(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) PUNDIT BRAWL!

First off, to anyone who sees this and is a fan of Fox News… please accept humble apologies from this extremely-naughty liberal. >_>;;; I know at least one person who’s going to chew my head off over how I portrayed Glenn Beck, ahahaha…

With that out of the way, let there be… MOAR Brawl?! For those who do not follow the American political machine, tonight is the White House Correspondents Dinner, and when the guest list was leaked on [info]olberfanns it just set off a badly-needed wildfire in Yoshi’s Imagination, enough to drag my lazy bum to fire up Painter. And… this happened. Once again, things like “who’s playing as who?” is left up to your imagination even though you would think that somewhat defeats the purpose… or does it? In a way, these Brawl drawings are kinda like bar scenes, just replace beer with Wiimotes. And the really kooky part is that, knowing President Obama… this kind of stuff probably COULD happen. The man does have a Wii. >_>; Never mind that critics would howl (and supporters and, hell, pretty much all the fangirls on [info]obama_daily/[info]biden_daily would squee) at the thought…


I was going to try and shower and summon pizza so everything’s in place so I can plop into my (albeit squeaky) rocking chair and watch the MSNBC broadcast of the WHCD, but I took too long in spreading the Brawl around. (dA, Ramen server, twitter and olberfanns). Hm. We’ll see how things unfold!

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