Up and down and back again

Yeah, I’ve had no itch to draw… or do much of anything. I load up Painter and I’m all “bleh, what am I doing…?” and stare at it for several minutes before I either close it or go read forums or, worse, doze off.

Also I still fail at sleeping at night. This is made worse by California being all “lol I want it to be SUMMER!” and suddenly it’s 97F for most of the day. (Oh, Kestine was SO not amused by this, probably less so than me. Poor kitty… fending off ear infection that I’ve spent the past 10 days giving him eardrops for, and now it’s suddenly hot and he’s sneezing lots and lots. He goes for a recheck on Wednesday.)

The MMOs are just to make time go faster and such. There… really isn’t much else to do otherwise aside from other incompletes in my pile. Damn my non-existent confidence and fear of setting off CACOPHONY OF WOOF. Seriously, the slightest unexpected noise just triggers all the dogs into a barking fit… but the part about that which annoys me the most is Evil Stepfather trying to shush them. IT DOES NOT WORK. IT ONLY MAKES THEM BARK MORE. Why does he not get it? Oh, right, he conveniently goes deaf if I try to– yes, even tactfully– mention it.

Also nobody seems to listen to me on why the bulldogs keep snarling at each other… and getting into scraps. Hello, three of the bulldogs are male, one of which is not neutered (mother refuses to get Wilson neutered, she’s all freaked out about anesthesia… WTF). Has nobody considered “same-sex aggression?” And that just about every bulldog breeder around here warns against if you’re going to get more than one? You would think at least mother would since she’s convinced Louie and Toby are gay (I am SOOOO not joking, she’s all giggling at how they teabag** each other while tumbling and, well… look really turned on by it, to put it politely). And yet when they all start fighting… well, not that I would mind a downgrade in the population, but only in the context of them being resold back to the breeders or otherwise transferred into better-equipped homes, as opposed to mother killing them out of anger as she did to Lucky in ’00:

“You know, when they all fight like that… I’m a bit concerned you might snap and get rid of them in anger.”
“OMG why would I do that? o_o”
“*ahem* Lucky…”
“Why do you have to bring her up?” (this was the only time I did, to her, in recent memory.) “You always have to be so negative!”
“I don’t want a repeat of you throwing others away out of impulse–“
“Well nobody’s going anywhere…” *proceeds to coo and babytalk the bulldogs and forgets about the conversation*

Actually, what makes me REALLY depressed about this? I don’t even like these dogs, yet I probably know more about taking proper care of them. These workaround solutions that mother’s using… they’re just workarounds. They seriously need more obedience training, even if it feels like just rehashing the same old stuff. I’m an idiot for agreeing to that 9-month CD, I should have gone with a smaller term because I want to buy mother in-home dog obedience lessons for Mother’s Day but it’s sure to put a huge dent in my checking account… which I am supposed to make last until January. Unless, like… well, no, I did all that repair work for House Cantlay because it was a critical situation that couldn’t wait, and blaaah bad Yoshi no more venting for now.


**FFFFFF I knew I should have taken video of bulldog teabagging and posted it during all the “LOL TEABAGGING” shenanigans. Oh, you people and your double-entendres. :P You want teabagging? You watch the Pups of the Apocalypse.

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