From the “Left Field” Department

Well, we’re down one bulldog. Repeated pneumonia incidents caught up to and took out Snowflake.

I know this will sound very cruel, but this is probably a good thing. Mother already has a hard time herding that many dogs around, so this… unexpected reduction of the dog population should lessen the burden. Especially if she still thinks she can go back to work (aaaahahahaha) She’s been repeatedly told that bulldogs, ESPECIALLY runts like Snowflake, are special needs and more likely to get sick, and that Snowflake was especially at risk, but mother seemed to think that this one would be some sort of invincible super-puppy since “oh she beat it twice before!”

…argh. A jerkwad is me, I know. >_>;;; I mean… I liked the little sack of flour too, but a lot of that got eroded by how unreasonable mother was being about LOL BULLDOGS EVERYWHERE. Really, that would kinda kill anyone’s patience. o.O; Let’s just hope she doesn’t get the idea to get another bulldog.

Now, VPI should let me quietly drop Snowflake without making me eat some gigantic cancellation penalty…

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