Eleven paint buckets on ze wall

So, having had Painter 11 to fiddle with for the past couple weeks, I happen upon the one part I wish they had left alone from the previous version:


It’s all pixely and even worse, if there’s stuff outside of the viewable error, it gets cut off. That gets huge fail points.

Also for some weird reason most of my marks “streak” to the left when I lift my pen. WTF, Corel?

Aaaarrr. Thankfully I still have the previous version on Blastoise (and was too lazy to punt 11 over the network to Dinah), so I think I’ll just revert back to 10 for now, until Corel patches this stuff. Hopefully.

It’s a pity because I wanted to play with some of the newer subtools after I finished these card images ‘n such.

Speaking of which… I’ve Spoony’s done and the remaining core characters are wireframed. Maybe I can clear them tomorrow. (Centromere amuses the hell out of me, juggling spheres!)

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