Why I hit the Mario Kart-brand randomizer block

Argh I hate planning stuff out really far in advance. In this case, determining a queue for who goes next on cards, because I’m sure to change my mind a lot.

That said, here is a list of who’s left in terms of status card stuff. I reserve the right to NOT go in order! :P
Those who are grouped together don’t share a card, it’s just that I internally lump them together and I’m slightly less likely to jump around until the other half of the pair is finished.

Cal + Nimue
Golgi (1st and Angel) + Centromere
Spoony + Gildward
Fyfe + Kupo/Profolyx
Old Lady Kit
Commander Ezelton

(In other news, I wish there really was a Mario Kart randomizer block widget, complete with the sound. Even if it didn’t really do anything. I just want one I can throw in my Vista sidebar so I can click on it whenever I want.)

For lulz, using my last can of Pillsbury pizza dough I decided to see if I could recreate some form of cheesy bread not unlike what you’d find at, say, Little Caesar’s. (Their normal pizza is borderline-meh, but holy crap their cheesy bread is so damn tasty.) And holy hell it was not only edible, but it’s probably something I’d do again. o_o Sprinkled a little bit of olive oil on the dough before piling on the cheese, then after baking I added parmesan cheese powder on top. OMNOMNOMNOM.

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