(WIP) Heal Fodder

I was going to wait until I finished Velan’s status card, but…

Argh, and the server’s down when I actually want to go add in Nemesis’ entry on the wiki too. Naughtiest priestess EVER, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at her with all that pink and cute. (I like Aeth’s description: “[Nemesis] looks like she’s ^_^ but she’s really >:D”) I mean, she beats up people in bars (and probably started half of Juno’s bar fights), can hold her booze as well as the boys and Haruko, probably would dance on the table with Haruko, and cheats her way around her inability to cast Resurrection by mooching off Hikaru. Mind you, this kind of corruption isn’t the end result of being married to Aries, Nemesis was like this to BEGIN WITH. XD

I should really push harder about resurrecting my permit and such. -_-; My poor Yoshi Car is just sitting there all alone, freezing to death. ;_;
This lack of transportation when I really need it (to, like, go pick up my synthroid and deposit VPI checks) is getting to be really bothersome. Maybe tomorrow I can get to Rite-Aid and the bank? And maybe, you know, restock my mini-fridge?
But, alas, mother acts like she can’t leave those Pups of the Apocalypse alone for more than an hour (yet has NO problem running off for several hours on end with Evil Stepfather). Argh.

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