(WIP) Still more card fodder

Argh I could only do one tonight…

And, hell, I didn’t even draw the right one. I meant to do the FE card first (mmmm, Sneaking Suit) but after realizing I’d sketched the fuzzies on the sniper collar, figured I’d just go ahead and do Numair’s v1 form first. Probably more useful to Aeth that way, too!

Sneaking Suit is still yummier. It’s, like… I don’t even see it as “Numair cosplaying Snake” anymore (it’s as much that as the Maximillian is “Hikaru cosplaying Balmung” despite, you know, gender differences), even though it’s based off the Sneaking Suit used in Twin Snakes. Maybe it’s the color scheme? True, with the Sneaking Suit you kinda forget he’s an elf, somehow… okay, I should stop this side-thought else I’ll be here all night.

I have the FE card sketched, and while there’s no way I’ll be able to finish it tonight, I’ll at least ink as much as possible and paint it tomorrow. Er, today. YOU GET THE IDEA.

Oh, and Aries and Denlan are next in the queue. Yeah, that’s right.

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