Can’t see a damn thing

These glasses have GOT to go. I was fine this morning until I put them on, and within minutes… WATEEEER AND BUUUUURN.


Screw you Sears Optical. I can barely see what I’m typing, and I’m resisting turning on Blastoise’s text magnify… though that’s because I’m about to leave right now anyway. Hopefully this is all legible.

First to Wells Fargo to NOMNOMNOM on my CD. Taking out $6000 plus the accumulated interest and going to freaking LensCrafter since they can do same-day even though they’re sure to gouge me, but at the same time the 10-day wait at Wal-Mart and Sears and others is BRUTAL if I have to go without any kind of glasses.

(No, don’t have my old pairs anymore… I drop them into the charity bins whenever I get a new pair.)

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