BOXES all around

So, save for one first officer ([info]pigeonguided >_>; I keep forgetting to prod him) I’ve gotten all my holiday shopping cleared. Granted, it would have been nice if I could have prepared these OMFGBOXes properly, with kooky packaging and such, but… I think the intent is still there. I hope?

…except I kinda screwed up on one piece by leaving off the apartment number. ARGH. So much for timing this so that both pieces hit at the same time. X_X
Well, I slap phone numbers on these things (most stores usually let you), so it’s possible that UPS or whoever (probably UPS) might come calling to confirm the address. >_>;;; (Hey, it happened when Neo sent back my copy of Tales of the Abyss, I think he transposed my house number or something and the deliveryman called my cell to make sure that it was going where it was supposed to.)
Crap, guys. I’m sorry. I just copy-pasted the address from Facebook without thinking about “oh wait, doesn’t this need an apartment number?” Oddly enough, the other piece appears to have made it through properly, but that’s because it was using a saved address from a previous instance.

Also: OMFGBOX is a “use immediately” thing. I tend to err on the side of them getting there early, and, well… it just seems MEAN to make you wait (plus most likely you guys won’t be home on the 25th and such so I can’t see what happens next, even if it’s via IM logs). Please poke me as soon as you get them! o.o A picture/video message is fine too!

I would have to say OMFGBOX is my favorite part about Christmas (well, after those lights and such… shiny…). Blah blah blah “anti-greed” or something.
I think “I did it for the lulz” is extremely appropriate here. XD

In other news…. wow, I looked out my window this morning and the mountains behind my house are COVERED in snow. As in, it looks like someone dumped the entire contents of a box of powdered sugar on them. o.o

I need something to nibble on. Then I’ll see about Snowscheme #3… provided I don’t get ambushed by cats.

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