Slow Snowfall

Aaargh, this Snowscheme is going VERY SLOOOOOWLY… usually because I get called away or I get distracted by this big orange furball suddenly JUMPING ON THE TABLE AND DEMANDING PETTING NOW. @_@

Also apparently I am getting my share of the secondary payout… like… soon. I really hope Robert doesn’t, you know, think “gee, I’ll hold onto this and give it to Yoshi for Christmas,” because while that may look clever, I could really use it sooner rather than later. >_>; VPI is taking forever in getting me my reimbursement checks and while I could go ahead and do all my Christmas shopping now, doing so would drop me below $1000, which I would REALLY LIKE TO AVOID in case something crops up with one of the dogs (grrr, bulldogs and their many glitches).

It already sucks as is, that I can’t assemble the OMFGBOXes* by hand– with the DMV’s roflcoptery, transportation is a nightmare. Mother whines a lot as is just taking me to volunteer service, I’m not risking RAGING DRAMA QUEEN mode for this, so all of the OMFGBOX pieces will have to be direct-shipped. Bleh! Half, if not all the fun in doing OMFGBOX is the kook that goes into the packaging and such. OMFGBOX is less about the loot and more about the intent. Well, yes, we like loot… it’s, just… you know? HOPEFULLY it won’t be like this next year and I can do them properly, with Yoshi-brand kook involved in the packaging.

* Yeah, that’s right… multiple boxes. You know who you are… and if you don’t, you WILL. >_>

Um…. what else….

CoH: 12/17. Something will happen for Phil Day. In celebration of badass old men… including mine. :P I don’t know, I guess it just feels appropriate to do SOMETHING ingame to honor Father, since he was greatly amused by the existence of his CoH incarnation. (“What’s my power?” “You heal people and shoot pink psychic bubbles out of your forehead! Oh, and you can FLY.” “XD” And lots more XD-ing as he watched me scribble old man Phil casting Indignation.)

Speaking of badass old men, I should probably level Kopii Phil. >_>

On that note, time for sleeeeeeeeeeep.

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