It’s getting rebooted on the 8th. I get to play at Rancho DMV again… and while their parking lot is made of stupid, it’s better than the alternative: Fontana DMV, which is clogged until the 29th.

….the 29th.

If Fontana were the ONLY local office, that would get a HELL NO and a massive tirade on how disgustingly inefficient the appointment server is, and how I’d rather just chance having to sit in the DMV all day to get it sooner. But, the 8th is a little more tolerable.

Seeing as how my brain has taken to likening this backwards process of getting my Yoshi Car to Mario terminology… I feel like I’m having to walk into Bowser’s Castle to buy a continue, with the risk that I’ll walk out and realize I just bought three Poison Mushrooms instead.

In other news, I am a bonehead for ever offering to eat all the veterinary expenses. Even WITH pet insurance. I stepped up since I thought doing that was, you know, the “good, responsible daughter” thing to do, since Evil Stepfather makes it otherwise far too harrowing than it would be worth to otherwise contribute to the household.
But if I’d known that this enabled mother to go nuts in her puppy lust, I would have said “NO I AM ONLY COVERING CATS.” (or more selfishly, only cover Kestine… aw, who am I kidding, Daisy is too cute to leave hanging in the wind)
But… would that have worked, or would it have just pushed mother into Raging Drama Queen mode and caused her to whine and cry about not being able to afford vet bills and such and have her guilt-trip and shred me even more than she already does?

Now two of the Four Pups of the Apocalypse have cherry eye (a Bulldog-specific ailment). And mother keeps going on about “oh, why bother filing insurance claims? They probably won’t cover it.” FFS, let me file the papers, if there is any chance I can get a penny back for everything I spend fixing your ailment-prone wiggly puppies, I’m going to damn well pursue it. >_>;

On top of this potentially hampering my Christmas plotting (I WILL pull off at least OMFGBOX, though)… I wanted to avoid having to lop off a bit of my Wells Fargo CD in January if I could help it. But complications with getting my license, any kind of non-retail employment, and now mother running up vet bills like it’s a shopping spree… yeah, I’ll have to nibble a bit of my CD so I have enough to cover the next car insurance payment and such. -_-

Ya, there’s that secondary payout that Robert mentioned, but I don’t expect that to get here before January.

Mother is, thus, banned from accusing me of spending too much on myself. Looking over my ledger, over half my money went to either Rancho Regional or other stuff related to the Four Pups of the Apocalypse. And then there’s my own medical expenses, car insurance…. yeah. Don’t take this as me complaining about expenses of life, I know that comes with the territory. My beef is with mother acting like I’m still ignorant about it on the basis that I choose not to make a giant fuss about every little thing. :P

and ohgod I need food. @_@

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