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(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Tales of Moon Puppets

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Tales of Moon Puppets
I finished it. I put off eating most of my dinner (tasty Jack in the Box) until I finished coloring this and… yeah. Ever had some weird brainworm of a VA reference/crossover scene just… embed itself in your head and not let go? That’s what happened here.

And it wasn’t until I was nearly done coloring Luke that I realized there was something that could have been even funnier– Cecil vs. Snow, each dual-wielding puppets (Luke/Alex and Yuri/Ghaleon), which would have REALLY been a three-way clusterfwegh. I’m such a voice actor nerd. :D

For the rest of you, who are all “WTF is going on here?” This is the worst voice actor reference/crossover gag Ramen ever. :D Tales of the Abyss‘ Luke with a puppet of Lunar‘s Alex (and both are voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) up against Tales of Vesperia‘s Yuri with a puppet of Lunar‘s Ghaleon (both voiced by Troy Baker). Why yes, I’m quite aware that all the fans of the original Lunar VAs are now going to demand my head because HOW DARE I acknowledge the recasting for the PSP version, and that only a few people will get this, and I don’t care. ^_^


(WIP) Puppets For the Lulz

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Messy wireframe is messy.
ToA’s Luke and ToV’s Yuri slug it out with Lunar punching puppets (Luke = Alex and Yuri = Ghaleon). Well, more like Luke’s getting bopped in the face. :P

This is such an awful crossover/voice actor reference in the making. I don’t expect, well, more than a few people to get it, but if you’re among the handful that DO, you are as much a nerd as I am. :D Also, I totally expect to get my head torn off by the old Working Designs cast fanboys when this is done. Wee~

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Party For Me ~Lowenthal Version~

Friday, March 5th, 2010

I salute my fangirl shorts, internet! Not only is this gift art for the man for his birthday, but this was also an excuse to let my fandom fly considering that they are all either my favorite lead characters or damned near close to it. (In the case of Alex and Cecil, they were even among my favorites before being made moreso by the LOL-enthal. :P) Why else would I call this Party For Me? XD

My favorite part about this, though… FACE-PULLING. You know Luke and Asch would have totally been making with the face-pulling and lots of yelling. XD; Also I’m still stupidly fixated on Luke’s Berserker costume title so I had to use it here. It’s just that awesome. :(

I was going to stick Haseo in Xth form but Asch’s armor was already stupidly detailed and Haseo’s Xth form outfit is even moreso and by the time I got to that point during the line art I was all “screw that, I’m just doing first form, it’s the lesser of four evils.” That and it’s Haseo’s most recognizable form anyway, so…

Alex and Cecil = BROS FOREVER. “Dood next door” heroes represent! :D

Yeah, this has been tweeted out. I await the fallout of lulz that will ensue… because I just couldn’t leave well enough alone after that Pancakealypse thing. In the meantime, I junk out on Lunar.

WIPs: wire, line art: Yuri, Cornelius, Death Grunty, line art: Gig, Luke, Asch, line art: everyone else + kitty!

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Pancakealypse 2010

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

(LJ Edition: *equips the “Naughty Etna” icon*)

Dear internet, this is why you do not taunt Cthulhu Yoshi’s Imagination:

National Pancake Day PANCAKEALYPSE 2010!!!1
(OST: Dramatic Chipmunk)

♥, Yoshi the Painter Twitterazzi (or is it Twitter Painterazzi? Which one rolls off the tongue better?) and worst fangirl EVER.


Not even my voice actor idols are spared from the wrath of my tablet.
So apparently it was National Pancake Day at IHOP and when these doods tweeted from there and one of them mentioned eating his pancakes with his hands, the above image came to mind. Never mind that IHOP actually gives you just a small stack of 3 pancakes or that I actually had no idea what they were wearing, this HAD to be drawn.

It’s, like… you see an opportunity for lulz, you know the other guy’s going to be cool with it… I had to go for it. Really. It was SO ON.

UPDATE @ 11:10pm:
This calls for some FF4 victory theme. *adds yet another new tag: yoshi wins*
UPDATE @ 11:14pm:
DOUBLE VICTORY. What is this, I don’t even…. XD!

Harmonious Squee train on the Moon

Friday, January 15th, 2010


Beep beep beep, This is a squee alert.
Moreso for me, because I was right regarding my original guess on Alex’s VA (I later changed my prediction to Johnny Bosch since he seemed better suited to “boy next door” heroes, but a Yuri is fine too, I don’t give a flying smoo if he’s everywhere like 4chan). So now Yuri goes and VAs two of my favorite old-school RPG main characters ever in remakes– the other being Cecil. AWESOME~!

That is DEFINITELY Michelle Ruff as Jessica, I saw that coming a mile away. Etna-voice, hallo~
Also, most importantly: is that Liam O’Brien I hear as Ghaleon? O_O I figured XSEED would either tap him or Quinton Flynn. (I can imagine all the John Truitt fanboys on Gamefaqs are throwing a shitfit now, though. Yeah, I woulda liked him back too, but I wasn’t counting on XSEED being able to get any of the original WD VAs.)

I gotta listen to the others a bit more or wait until they post the trailer (and OH SNAP, OUTTAKES?! WANT. NOW.) so I can better ID the others.

I would say “this gets preordered YESTERDAY, with overnight shipping” except I already did.

Dammit, LifeForce, o partner in Lowen-fandom… I’m too squee’d up to sleep now not to mention I’m nomming on late-night Jack in the Box, when you get home it is SO on.

LJ Edition: Fiery-eyed Flonne is TOTALLY relevant to my interests.