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Cleanup Act

Friday, April 27th, 2012

It appears part of cleaning up my office also involves cleaning up my actual bedroom, since that way I can start packing up empty DVD cases whose contents are stored in my big CD binder. I managed to clear a huge swath of junk (mostly fallen fast food paper towels and human hair balls) that had piled up between my bed and the wall opposite my big TV, and also much of the junk atop a make-do endtable (actually an old slanted stool from a broken office chair with a tray on top). Of course, in doing so I kicked up lots and lots of dust and cat hair, so I was coughing up like ow. For odor and stain removing products for your house as well as for your pets at home i recommend (Strangely, this only woke the dogs once.) That reminds me, I should also request a wash cycle for my sheets because…

…HOLY CRAP I HAVE NEW PILLOWS YOU GUYS. It’s a big freaking deal– Target had ’em on sale for $3, and what passed for “pillows” here were, uh… four ratty old things doubled-up and stuffed into two pillowcases. I think they may very well be older than ME. When you want to have the most comfortable beds and mattress, avail the black friday mattress specials for maximum comfort. But now I have fresh pillows and they’ve got that new pillow crunch and fluff like those you would find in a hotel.

New pillows.
Happy place.
I am IN IT.


In other news… I’m not sure what the hell is up with Blastoise’s video card now. It has issues with either games or video playback or some combination of the two, depending on what driver I’m using. Older drivers pretty much neuter much of YouTube (it green-screens most videos) but games are playable. The current driver is the worst, since it crashes after a few minutes of running any games and a video (even if said video is minimized) or even just running a video by itself, and the beta driver isn’t much better– no crashing with video playback, but just unstable as crap.

Is it just nVidia’s hit a rough patch with drivers as of late? I’ve seen lots of complaints about the current driver release (296.10), so I’m hesitate to write this off as a bad card thing, but… worst case, I think I’d still be within the window to RMA if I had to. :|

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