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Ink is not soup

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

With real paper! And ink!

Holy crap, you guys. How long has it been since I’ve put pen to paper for not-writing/form-filling purposes?

This hardcover sketchbook that Bren brought me while I was in the hospital has been staring at me for MONTHS, and finally I guess I cracked and opened it up. (It helps I had my favorite kind of ink pen, the almighty Uniball, on hand. Yeah, that’s it up there in the pic.) But then I stalled, because I realized this was really nice paper, and my Uniball alone wasn’t enough to do it justice.

I had wanted to play with grayscale markers for awhile, and it looks like this will be my chance. But just any old gray marker from a $10 Crayola box won’t do, this is good paper and good paper demands good marker. I’ve been looking at this 12-pack of Prismacolor Neutrals for a few days, and I might just spring for it– it’s at a pretty generous discount, and after getting an unexpected bonus from a Gourmet Ramen client, I think I can justify a little fun. If I were to order it now, it wouldn’t get here until Monday even with Prime shipping, so I’ll just wait so it will (hopefully) get lumped with the Galaxy Note 10.1 screen protector I want to get. (grumble grumble something about Amazon breaking up shipments even after telling them to hold and ship all at once)

In the meantime I did scribble something on the inside cover. It started out as an attempt to replicate this circular-linear pattern I saw in Ar Tonelico (I think it’s actually the installer port tattoo that appears on Reyvateils?) and then I started playing with extrapolating the lines and then it kinda just… went out of control. Next thing I know I’m generating new, similar patterns in varying scales. No doubt it’s going to sap this poor Uniball dry, since it’s not meant for large fills. I’m torn on whether or not to put in hexagon outlines in the background, or reserve it for when I get the markers.

IN OTHER NEWS, I grabbed the Mac retuned port of SimCity. Ordinarily it’s $20 on Steam, but Joystiq Deals had it on sale for $5. I’d missed this game so much, and because I don’t have access to Blastoise I couldn’t play it on Windows! But now I nabbed the Mac retune on the cheap (“retune” as in “updated to be compatible with the newer versions of OS X”) and, uh, I kinda burned away the past two days on that game rather than working on the Law and Order piece like I was supposed to. But, I’ll be back at the Painter thing later tonight. Why not now? Because I’ve got YouTube subscription videos to catch up on, and this ramen is probably going to put me to sleep soon after.

16-Bit Goombas FTW

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Oh YouTube, how I love you…

Would you say I’m a bad person if I said that I always preferred the All-Stars version of SMB1? (And, for that matter, the “upgraded” ports of 2, 3 and World?) I know, YAY 8-BIT LOLZ but for some reason this one just looked better and it’s not like it got that much of a difficulty tweak, if at all (also the addition of World’s sound effects helped!). It made me sad that this version never got released as part of the GBA ports.

Also this needs to not make me imagine a Ragnarok TWILIGHT-themed send-up of the whole freaking Mario franchise. Hell Legion Black Dragons would make convincing Koopa Troopas… (Seriously, we have ’em in the same colors.) Naturally this would also involve Yoshi wearing a goofy padded Yoshi suit and bitching about how she’s soooo NOT transportation. :P

(Undercooked Ramen) What level is Nancy Pelosi, again?

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Today’s Undercooked Ramen brought to you by playing way too much Disgaea.

…of course, if there are Prinnies involved, this could be a BIT problematic.

Concurrently, things like the above are why this feature is called Undercooked Ramen. :P The glory of half-baked ideas~

(Undercooked Ramen) TIME PARADOX

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

If you would indulge me a “crazy fangirl” moment here…

I was checking Twitter earlier and find one of my favorite VAs live-tweeting from Medieval Times*… and mentions of mead and iPhones led to this Undercooked Ramen piece:


…which, of course, I tweeted just for the hell of it. But when I came back upstairs, I find this sitting in the buffer:

“@ayarane and that’s exactly what I looked like!”


I know. It’s extremely trivial and I swear I’m trying not to read too much into it but…. at the same time, there are no WORDS to describe the level of amusement. It’s greater than ROFLCOPTER. I was only half-thinking when I scrawled that Undercooked piece (only ehough to address “dude, did I get his hair right?”) and yet… oh wow.

Neo is TOTALLY going to throw the envy satellite at me in the morning XD

* Dude, one of my few remaining memories of elementary school entailed all of the first graders going to Medieval Times for a field trip. I can STILL remember the teachers telling everyone to stfu and stop chanting “Black and White!” but nobody listened. XD I recall getting a black and white paper crown, too.

(LJ version: this SO gets Kitestamped. XD)

Bad brain, no ideas

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

I had this dream yesterday in which I’m looking at Slashdot and I see a book review for e-peen: Nerd Rage and the Internet’s Phallic Fixation. I don’t remember much of the details but I just remember a lot of the thread being solely “lol” or similar /b/-tardery.

Because the author was a female.

Now, as much as I find it ludicrous how the collective internet consciousness has this bizarre fixation with phallic imagery… would I be a freak to say that I actually wish such a book really exists? Concurrently, if there’s anything remotely resembling it out there, please, point it out to me. I don’t know whether to file this under “morbid curiosity” or “seriously, I want to know what is so fascinating about… that.”

Other highlights of Yoshi Dreamland included:

– a bizarro-FF4 in which Zeromus was actually a bulldog
– Cooking with Pigeon… who for some reason is wearing Cal’s final equipment, including JINT cowboy hat
– something involving wandering around on a cruise ship (this is actually very common and is probably a big hint that I really need to take a trip somewhere)
– twisted scenes of everyday RL, but with MMO HUDs (like, my CoH friends list and global channel windows, also very common)

the rest is just… blotches of color and weird noises. Probably me snoring. :P