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Old Man is a latecomer

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Yggdrasil booted! Yay!
Because Microsoft is a bunch of tards about using upgrade media on virgin drives, Iggy has to do the “double-install” workaround so he’ll activate. Given how much of a pain he was to just turn ON, this is acceptable >_>; Once his OS checks out, I’ll load him up with the stuff that makes him awesome. >:D (Painter, Hamachi, VLC, WoW, etc.)

He went 64-bit, by the way. He might struggle a little until January, but I’ma crank him up to 4GB. (And Blastoise to 8!)

Front panel wiring is stupid.

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Seriously, system building would be so much easier if front panel wiring for Power/Reset switches and such were done like their front panel USB/Firewire cousins– lump them all into one head and enforce a standard layout for the pins rather than break apart the wires and leave us punks second-guessing if we transposed or inverted the wire placement.

…yeah, I think that makes it pretty clear that Iggy did not boot again. Bleh. I don’t feel like cracking him open YET AGAIN today to figure out where I botched it (even though I literally had the manual in the other hand) and it’s already so late, so I’ll just wait until tomorrow.

Raiding CBS’s stash of Craig Ferguson monologues and such makes Yoshi the Computer Monster not so >:(. Maybe I should have episodes run when I crack open boxes. For the lulz!

(WIP) March of the Avatars V

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Nin nin~

…and old man is ooooooold.

That finishes my side of the network. As far as mother’s side goes, only Jin (ink and paint) and Tsunami (paint) are left. Unless the rest of Yggdrasil’s parts arrive today (I’m sure to at least get his mobo), I’m going to see about plodding through the last two Avatars so that I can distro to wallpapers. Individuals, two teams of 3, and one with all six.

(WIP) March of the Avatars IV + Salvaged Sapling

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

First, an update to the Yggdrasil situation.

I tweeted this earlier but didn’t get a chance to elaborate further.
Thanks to some… unexpected assistance from mother (who cannot fathom the thought of leaving a system incomplete until January), Yggdrasil will be brought online next week. Yeah, she actually wants Iggy finished faster than I do. WTF, right?

I am surely overthinking this and should be squeeing my pants off over getting the coins needed to get the needed replacement parts sooner rather than later. I guess I’m just too used to these things being giant traps. Which, of course, this PROBABLY IS, but mother insists, so…

Bonus awesome: I had enough Wells Fargo rewards points piled up to generate a $25 Amazon eCert. Awesome because I could use it immediately. I was literally seconds from submitting the Amazon order when at the last moment I raided my rewards status to see if there was anything I could do to slash the grand total further. That eCert dropped the total from $206 to $181, w00t!

So, if all goes well, I’ll have a Yggdrasil on the network sometime next week. :D

And now, time for some more Avatar WIPs!

Onyx is colored! Again, a full-size version will be released when all six are done.

Dinah gets inked. I have to move the layers to get all of her because of her high ponytail.

Tsunami got inked too. Ah, this makes me miss archery class…

(WIP) March of the Avatars III

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Technically done, but I’ma hold off until everyone’s inked and colored before I post bigger versions.

Onyx, however, is hawt. He also looks kinda evil.


Unrelated note:

Dear Disney–
I like Jim Carrey as much as the next guy (Bruce Almighty, hell yeah). But in my 80’s nerd mind, there can ONLY be one rendition of the Christmas Carol that I will ever like, and that’s the one with Scrooge McDuck as ol’ Ebenezer.
Just saying. >_>;
I’ll leave the other nostalgic doods to nerd rage and strangle your overlords for not doing a badly-needed remaster/Blu-Ray release of Mickey’s Christmas Carol…

Much ♥, Yoshi

And on that note, I conk out for the night.