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Instant Ramen Sketchbook – Field Marshal Kiros

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

My brother is a badass!Well that finished up quickly. Look at this badass. :D

As I said before, I threw out his current transmog and just played with the design. The shoulders are a simplified recolor of the ones Admiral Taylor’s packing (which I believe are themselves a tweak of the Hunter PVP shoulders?), but I more or less just invented the rest. The exceptions are the sword and shield, which are clearly the Grand Marshal’s Longsword and the Royal Crest of Lordaeron.

As for the video render, that will take at least a day or so to put together. Basically, Blastoise has to render one big video of all the capture sessions at its original length (over 10 hours!) before he can squish it down. The software I’m using won’t let me pre-squish the individual capture sessions, so that’s how it has to be.

After the initial export is done, I’ll do the commentary track and lop off the taskbar (it’s a little distracting in preview, since Blastoise has rotating wallpapers and his taskbar is transparent) and punt the whole thing to YouTube.

Still Boiling the Noodles

Monday, May 11th, 2015

It’s taking a little longer than I like, but the painting of my brother’s warrior is nearing completion. Again, check the Twitter feed for WIP screencaps.

I’ve been recording all the sessions so far, and the total collected video is about 9 hours 11 minutes so far. I estimate the final collected raw video will be about 12 hours, and that’s going to be squished down to a 20 minute video. My YouTube account will finally see some action again. :)

Of course, as is typical for any character design adaptations I do, I tend to not bother with sticking closely to the original. In this case, it’s because Kiros’ transmog in-game is far from complete, so I gave him a design that at least keeps in the spirit of what my brother described him.

Incoming Noodles

Friday, April 24th, 2015


There’s artwork afoot. Look at the Twitter feed for WIPs because I’m not on a machine where I can crop and upload them right now. It’s about my brother’s warrior. :D

Even better: there will be a VIDEO posted along with the finished piece showing everything from the line art phase. Blastoise is awesome enough to capture it allĀ  without any lag whatsoever, because OBS is awesome! Woohoo! The aim is to squeeze everything into a 10 to 15-minute time lapse video with commentary, because who doesn’t like watching sausage– I mean ramen getting made? :)

The family that raids together, stays together!

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

In my OpenRaid group we have… well, I guess I would call it a “complete family unit.” One of our raid leaders (usually he brings his warlock, and that detail will become relevant very quickly) brings his wife (usually a shaman) and his son (a death knight) with him. They’re all very competent players, and their son is one of the main tanks. It’s just adorable to hear the banter between the three of them. Truly the family that raids together stays together!

SO. We’re in Highmaul and the warlock, Mr. Dingos, used a battle rez on his wife towards the end of the Twin Ogron fight. No big deal, right? Now, the warlock has this add-on that broadcasts a random sassy quote whenever he uses certain abilities (summoning portal, soul well, soulstone, call demon pet), and when he revived his wife, the particular random quote that triggered was:

“By accepting this resurrection, you forfeit your firstborn!”

Remember, that firstborn is the main tank (and said tank is a death knight, so he’s ALREADY dead, in a manner of speaking). Yeah. I think you can imagine the laughing that happened in Ventrilo. It was randomly selected, but in that situation it was just… perfect! XD

Silly stuff like this is why I like this raid group, and raiding in general.

Also, I hope whoever wrote that add-on gets around to expanding its functionality to make it usable by other classes. I don’t have a warlock but I’d really like to use an add-on like that on my mage. Oh, the fun that would ensue! :D

Markup, Markdown

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

So, uh, remember late last summer when I talked about getting greyscale and black markers to use on that empty sketchbook?

I finally got them. The Prismacolor Premier Chisel/Fine Warm Grey set and the set of black fine tip. Woo! I had some spare coin from Yoshi Day stuff, and they were on sale, so, why not?

Also take that, mobility issues! I was able to hobble from my birdcage to the mailbox and back without getting too worn out. Well, before the following…

I also rediscovered my extreme hatred of a certain puppy gate, it’s such a pain to lock (it’s one of those “sliding door” types that you have to drop the central bar to fix in place). The most tiring part of going to the mailbox was trying unsuccessfully to put this worthless gate back up. It’s not even the primary gate, but rather a backup measure because one of the bulldogs has been known to tackle down the primary gate if she sees a cat, and that hasn’t happened in nearly a year. I’ll try to put that gate back up in a bit, I want to unpack and play with these markers. :D

In Warcraft news, I got my Tauren priest to 100. Bought him the level 90 boost the day after my birthday (level 31?!) and it took me about 5 days to plow through. Again, circumstances dictated such a fast pace because we need more healers in my Horde guild and quickly, and given my recent surge of healer experience, it makes sense that I answer that call to throw bucketloads of five-figure green numbers at people in raids. Though the choice of which of my characters will participate in future raids is ultimately in the boss-man’s hands, I get the feeling he and the officers may ask for Phil over Yoshi, and I am okay with that because I’m starting to prefer healing over DPS.

Typical “female gamer” stuff, right? Remember, I was dealing with some bad healer anxiety up until very recently. Now I love it and I may actually be kinda good at it. :D