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Celestial Thorn, the iPhone

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Did I say how much I love love LOVE my Verizon iPhone?

Because I do. I mean, my LG enV was awesome for the 3-ish years I had it, but I was really glad Verizon got the iPhone when it did because my battery had gone to crap.

For one thing, which turned out to be my greatest annoyance from my old phone: no more having to worry about running out of room for incoming TXT/MMS messages, EVER. YES! As far as I know, the concept of the message inbox has been done away with entirely in favor of threading by contacts in something like iChat (AIM for Mac). On previous phones, I kept having to clean out my message inbox, which means I’d end up losing TXTs I’d wanted to keep. It wasn’t so bad for picture/video since I could save those out to the SD card, but since everything is saved on the iPhone’s giant hard drive (relative to… whatever piddly storage was on old feature and semi-feature phones), I can hold as many messages as I want henceforth. YAY!

I need to find out how mother’s inserting extra icons into her messages (she’s using cheeseburger and dollar sign and other icons). I’m thinking it’s probably a different app than the normal version. As much as I facepalm at her spamminess, those icons are cute and rather unobtrusive…

I haven’t played around too much with the camera, aside from a single shot of Kestine. This will almost certainly change in the near-future. For one thing, no more having to send pic-tweets as MMS, now I can upload directly to TwitPic via TweetDeck, with video-tweets going to YouTube. :P As for future camera abuse… let’s just say that I’m going to need to address this “buh I talk funny and I don’t like the sound of my own voice” and possibly have to correct this by force… and possibly your great amusement. Stay tuned.

In other news, I’m totally getting a heart-shaped Papa Johns pizza today. Tried to get one a few days ago but for some reason I got locked out of online ordering. I’d like to think I’ll, uh, compensate for this and yesterday’s Jack in the Box by following Kestine and other kitties around with my iPhone. >_>;

How to Set ASCII Bunnies on Fire

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

So, uh… remember how I was all “omg iPhone on Monday?” Let’s pretend I actually meant Tuesday because Verizon is a dork and despite my phone being ordered within 10 minutes of mothers, saw fit to put mine on the SLOWEST UPS TRUCK EVER making delivery rounds on Tuesday. Seriously, the truck did not get here until, what, 7pm? o_O And then, despite my telling mother that we ought to read the paperwork before doing activation to make sure we don’t botch the DB switch (the one that tells Verizon that despite using up Evil Stepfather’s NE2 credit, the phone is mine)… she’s all “OMG HURRY UP AND ACTIVATE SO I CAN SPAM YOU WITH ASCII BUNNIES.” And, whaddya know, the phone got keyed to Evil Stepfather’s line and knocks out both our phones in the process. GOOD GOING THAR.

But that’s fixed, the phone is keyed to my line (though it still has some of Evil Stepfather’s data stuck on it, ew). There were a couple of other bumps– I can’t hack the ringtones for TXT/MMS (but I can for normal calls), and my Angry Birds iOS save files are gone. :( I thought they’d get transferred via sync but I guess not.

All those aside… AWESOME PHONE IS AWESOME. Where the iPod was “Celestial Rose,” the iPhone is “Celestial Thorn” because the theme here is that they are Dinah’s weapons (ninja swords, specifically) that she dual-wields like any badass ninja-bot. :D This is also my first true smartphone with a data plan and such. I’m kinda wary of Verizon’s claim that it’s “unlimited” (I tend to read “unlimited” as really meaning “5 GB”) but they put out a statement a couple days ago to the effect of “do your worst, though we reserve the right to throttle abusive users.” Um… sure, okay. I’ll believe you for now, though for practical reasons I’ll use wifi when available. :)

Oh! Completely unadvertised but redonkulously fun feature: the iPhone camera bits have a barcode/QR scanner. For stupid amounts of fun, loot the RedLaser app (free!) and go nuts scanning just about every barcode you can find. You may not always get anything of substance (for instance, scanning my copy of The Phantom Tollbooth only told me I was holding a “Paperback Book”). Scanning DVD barcodes will do a price search, scanning food items will at the very least ID them, and maybe pull up nutritional data and attempt a price/deal search… and then there are QR codes, which can lead to some fun things. This Papa Johns pizza box had a QR code that takes you to their mobile website for yet another Coupon code, but you can cram much more into a QR code than a normal barcode. (Inversely, it would be fun to scatter QR codes that would link to random Instant Ramen or other specialized art pieces… :D)

Also holy crap I should sleep, like, soon. Yeah. Blastoise is pestering me to let him reboot (lol Windows Update). Ahh, keep your armor on, you big lug. :P

Still an iDork

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Not only do I have my iPhone preordered (and narrowly averted a VERY LONG WAIT that my stepfather nearly caused in gobbling up my stored New Every Two credit when he was neglectful and let one of those dumb bulldogs chew up his phone), but I’m among those whose phones got shipped out early. :D Feb. 7, here I come! (LJ version: My fangirl Flonne face, let me show it to you…)

The only thing better is knowing that if Evil Stepfather’s phone gets damaged by OMG BULLDOG or what-have-you again, he’s SOL until 2012. That’s what he gets for taking my NE2 credit, that jerk. I could have made him pay for my data plan, but this is good enough. Ah, the data plan… at first I didn’t think I’d have much use for it, but if it’s as good as Verizon is claiming (they’re saying “unlimited,” I’m assuming they really mean 5GB), this could be fun and useful as I ramp up plans to reboot my license and reclaim the Yoshi Car. *insert unfocused drivel about silly “city exploration missions” and excuses to play with the iPhone GPS*


Super Bowl this Sunday. And by that I mean PUPPY BOWL because Super Bowl is crazy amounts of BOOOORIIING and as much as I am a cat person, I’d rather watch a bunch of puppies romp and tumble for my amusement. Well, there’s the kitty half-time, too. (btw, iPhone + Dinah = you’re going to be seeing a LOT more of Kestine, via YouTube HD and possibly even live-streaming)

I do actually have one reason to care about Super Bowl this time– if it goes into overtime, Papa Johns will grant everyone in their rewards program a free pizza credit. You know where this is going, right? >:D

Finally, I got new glasses last week. My script changed only BARELY enough to warrant new lenses. I’d snap pictures but it’s just the 2011 refresh of my previous frames (purple-pink Carolee). I was going to try and reuse my old frames, since I thought LensCrafters could simply tweak them and replace the lenses… but I suppose not, and the 2011 version was on sale anyway. Ah well.

Ahahaha, oh crap, there is one downside to getting my iPhone early– I need to, uh, go convert all my old ringtones on Dinah, like… now. o_o And probably edit some new ones (like the Lavos theme and TROLOLOLO). As far as I know, everyone on my phone who has a ringtone will retain their existing one unless I stumble upon something better, and I need to edit one for myself to slap on mother’s iPhone for my entry, else she’ll put something awful in there. >_>;

February = iPwn

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

So… YAY VERIZON. At long last, they are getting the iPhone.
And I am totally getting one. Mother, too. (Evil Stepfather is a maybe… truthfully, with his crappy eyesight, an iPhone may be easier for him to handle than his tiny, clunky feature phone.)
Preordering on the 3rd, and I think mother wants to do a pickup rather than have ’em shipped like our previous phones were. (I think last time, she and Evil Stepfather had issues activating theirs.) It looks like I may qualify for a discount under New Every Two, but I’m prepared to pay for mine… and I get to pay up front for a year’s worth of data, anyway.

HARDCORE bonus points if there is a White iPhone option available. Gotta match with ninja laptop Dinah and all…

The only sucky part is that I may lose my Angry Birds save files… unless I do a transfer from my iPod and hop the transferred version over to the iPhone. HM. Guess I’ll find out when that happens. :P