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(WIP) Spoony fodder

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Spoony and Centromere. And the latter I had to redraw half of because I could not quite nail the whole juggling thing.
Also for some reason, half my background layers got damaged… like, 90% of ’em are kinda faded and there’s a stripe on the right side that’s normal. Probably a result of rolling back to Painter 10. >_>;;; Well, I guess it’s okay, since there aren’t many characters remaining and I’ll have to make a different set for Episode 0 anyway.

Ah, Centromere… can you believe he is Golgi’s twin? (Putting aside that somewhere along the way he decided to cut his hair and dye it brown from orange…) A pity he kinda gets slapped with the Luigi stick in that he is GREATLY overshadowed by his brother and doesn’t have any significant involvement in the main story; hell, his sidequest doesn’t even take place in the real world, but rather inside a freaking snowglobe pocket world.

But, all the same, he’s the designated Indignation-user. Yes. A freaking party magician throwing around Indignation. That will NEVER get old. XD
And while he and Golgi are both little geniuses (Centromere’s just the more music/magically-inclined of the two), part of me wants to liken Centromere to… Osaka. I don’t know. It’s that vacant, “HAY GUYS WANT TO SEE MY NEW TRICK?” kind of superficial air that he has, but I imagine that could actually be a good thing if you think about it. All that Hell Legion drama and such just sails over his head, really.

He’s a half-angel too, obviously, but his angel powers aren’t ever really nurtured. I don’t think he even cares, haha.

(WIP) Cute Fodder

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

This just leaves Spoony, Golgi (normal and angel), Centromere, Profolyx (bard and wizard) and the Epilogue characters.
Maybe I’ll do Episode 0 characters, too!

(WIP) Buff Fodder

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

I won’t lie. I’m guilty of perpetuating the stereotype of “people from Texas wear cowboy hats and speak with hilarious accents” and in this case I do so indirectly through my portrayal of Whitesmiths in Ragnarok TWILIGHT. I do so with full knowledge that this is FAR from anything resembling real people from Texas, and I do this because I find it highly amusing. A shameless person is me!

But, putting aside that Cal and Nimue’s original players really ARE Texas residents and are totally cool with playing up the whole cowboy thing to indulge me, and that Texas doesn’t, you know, actually EXIST in this universe, I just have to say this:

Whitesmiths are hot.

And it’s not just Nimue, we must have equal-opportunity Whitesmith cheesecake!
I mean, just look at Cal, here!

I don’t know. It’s, like… all the Whitesmiths that pass through my hands suddenly acquire this sexy quality. I imagine whenever I get around to finalizing Deen’s character design he’ll probably get that sexy beam, too. This is, of course, a different kind of sexy than one possessed by the likes of, oh, Denlan and Numair… this is just the unabashed kind of sexy, one that requires practically no effort.

…wait …hey… where’s Cal’s dog Peco? You know, the one named Spot? >_>;;

Sometimes I forget that RT!Cal is not only grand theft car salesmen even though, by golly, ours is 26 and sells everything BUT used cars with not even a remote starters for cars at least he has a car accident lawyer from this Louisville, Kentucky law firm, but perhaps he may have gotten more butcher knife loving than even Numair. Then I remember that I’m also committing Grand Theft Keith Olbermann, among other things. *shrug*

I apparently have a Celina wireframe in here, so I guess she’s next.

(WIP) Sexy Fodder

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Did someone say sexy? Because I know someone just said sexy.

Cal’s next.
For Sparta! I mean Texas! I mean… whatever.

(WIP) Old card fodder + Hikaru Day

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

O hai, Rineas~

Aeth’s totally gushing over that, haha.

This is also the first card to be done in Painter 11. While it’s nice that it now allows saving as PNG, it’s not very efficient about it, so I’ll continue bouncing raw files over to Paint Shop Pro for isolation and exporting.

I don’t know who’s next. But I’ve done a lot so far, so the list of those remaining is shrinking quite a bit.

In other news, it is February 27. In Across Universe this is also known as Hikaru Day, because all variations of the Hikaru root character share a February 27 birthday. And because she seems to be, uh, unusually popular among all my characters… >_>;;;

So, have some extremely sloppy scribblage of the Grand Infinity, Ragnarok TWILIGHT and Phantasy Star Universe incarnations. (The Hikaru that’s in CoH wears pretty much the same Maximillian outfit as in RT.) Maybe someday I’ll clean it up and color it for the Hikaru root entry. *shrug*