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One Facerub Too Many

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Awesome kitty Kestine likes to rub his face on freaking EVERYTHING. Doorways, table legs, MY legs, box corners, and ninja laptop Dinah’s wifi parts.

In the case of the wireless-N card, it was just one facerub too many, because the fat purple end of the card snapped off and the card shut down. Thankfully Dinah didn’t freak and go all Blue Screen of Death, but her wireless-N card is now officially dead.

I don’t blame Kestine enirely, though… old card is quite old (I think I got it a few months after I originally got Dinah) and it was starting to flake out. I’ve ordered a D-Link* Wireless-N card off Amazon (yay having enough rewards points to slash off half the price!) and also a Logitech lapdesk (combo cooler fan/speakers) because ninja laptop has been running VERY hot as of late.

For now I’ve fallen back on using the original onboard wireless-G… and remembered WHY I boosted Dinah to N in the first place. Wireless-G sucks! :P Actually, wireless sucks as a whole– mind you, this is coming from someone who loots podcasts left and right and at any given time is either running YouTube, Slingbox, Netflix, South Park or the TWiT Live stream– and I moved as much as my crap as I could over to wired mode earlier this year. Wireless-N is the closest to wired mode as I can get, and is the only form of wifi I’ll stick on a machine on this network ’cause I’m spoiled on my awesome gigabit ethernet that I use to pass things around inside the house network.

As for Kestine… well, he’s a bit frustrated that he can’t rub his face on Dinah for now. XD It’s funny that he goes specifically for her wifi stuff– the card and the corners of her monitor lid, which are supposedly where the wifi receiver bits are. I wonder if they emit some low-level EM wave that cats find interesting enough to facerub?

* = old router and wireless-N card were Linksys (obtained at the same time), new router is D-Link, which has been AWESOME thus far, so may as well go D-Link for the card too.

Bigger is still better: Pizza Wednesday, doods. The weekly tossup between Pizza Hut and Papa Johns is complicated a little more this time around; the former rolled out a new event pizza type (the Big Italy, yet another attempt at an extra large… dude, why can’t they bring back the Big New Yorker? THAT was awesome!), yet with the latter I’ve piled up enough rewards points to get a free pizza. Ordinarily free pizza would trump everything (because seriously, what’s better than free?), but when it comes to new/event rollouts, I gotta try it. It doesn’t help that I’m a wing addict. >_>;;;

Live from Azeroth: Yoshi now has as much of the t10 Mage armor (“Bloodmage’s Regalia”) as she’s going to get, and there’s nothing more I can pile up Frost emblems for… so any future emblems I’ll just convert into Primordial Saronites so I don’t need to kill my gold buying ’em up to make the ICC craftables for my alts or guildies. :P Any future gear upgrades Yoshi will have to get through ICC, most likely in 25-man mode. (That said… while inferior to the Frozen Bonespike that Yoshi’s packing now, I want Halion, Staff of Forgotten Love since its essentially the WoW version of Planet’s Burden, Yoshi’s signature weapon everywhere else).

I will slug that Lich King in his noobish, ice cream-hoarding face, yes I will. >:D

While old man Phil would be next on the gear supply chain, I need to throw in Rei stat, to unlock the craftable leather/mail pants. I’ve, uh… lots of rogues/druids/hunters/shammies in the guild who could use those things and I’ve kept them waiting for quite awhile (with Robert on break, I’m the only in-house ICC crafter-dood, after all). And, of course, Rei can use ’em too.

No Kon Do: BOOOOO. :( I liked Paranoia Agent (or, “what happens when Japan turns Law and Order into headmessy anime”) and Paprika (which I definitely need to revisit for the dub, hehehe I’m terrible). If you’ve no idea as to who this awesome dood was, do yourself a favor and watch either of the above. :O

Another Mouse in the coffin

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Booooooo. I remember seeing him in the Fantasia DVD extras. He seemed pretty cool and upstanding and such.

Of potentially amusing interest to [info]brendala and other fellow ’80s/early ’90s cartoon followers: credited as Executive Producer for Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue. Yeah. THAT one. (via)

I got a Snowscheme to finish, dood. *summon Painter*

Dude went to Coin Heaven… Literally

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

*SMB1 Game Over*
Booooooooooo. T_T As much as I love Charles Martinet, my old-school Mario nerd insists that Albano was the best Mario actor. I remember being all WTF when Super Mario 64 hit and was (momentarily) pissed that Nintendo couldn’t get him and the other VAs back.

As Across’ nerd-in-chief, I order my minions and followers to DO THE MARIO as a final send-off! >:O!

also obligatory posting of the equally-dorkily-amusing opening

A gigantic Oof moment if I’ve ever seen it.

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Ayarane: one thing’s for sure
Ayarane: on top of all the stuff that Michael Jackson’s accomplished, he can now added “made the internet blow up upon death” to his karmic resume
Xenosphobatic: Truth
Ayarane: I’m trying to think of some other celebrity who was able to do that
Ayarane: …I can’t
Xenosphobatic: Me neither


I will admit that my fandom dropped off in the mid-90’s, but after that I was more or less indifferent rather than derisive.
Major, major “Oof” moment. *watching the live coverage on MSNBC*

For the record, I don’t have a particular favorite, but I recall Scream being pretty freaking awesome. Speaking of YouTube… his channel‘s getting flooded with viewers and comments. Holy smoo!


Thursday, June 4th, 2009

I could whip out a “Kill Bill” reference, but I’ll just leave this link instead.
D’oh! Here I thought that 2009 could march without TOO many awesome people dying. >.