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Mog You In The Face

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015



She really, REALLY likes blue. Arrows ahoy! Heal you in the FACE. Same awesome Icecore Staff, too.

Whaaaat? More stuff about WoW? Okay!

In addition to shoving Hynderia off the level 100 cliff, I also did the same to my hunter Reimarael (as you could guess, she is the WoW incarnation of the Rei Dragonia character, though unlike other instances, Rei is not Hikaru’s mother here because Hikaru does not exist, but instead Rei and Dinah are twin sisters. Mind boggling!). It didn’t take long because Rei was already around lvl 96, so it was just a couple days worth of questing. It also helped that because I was sitting on a giant pile of resources, I could justify buying the EXP booster potions to speed the process along even moreso. I ended up taking Lone Wolf as her lvl 100 talent, mostly out of paranoia about pet aggro during dungeons and raids. Also it allows me to choose which buff I want, rather than what the pet comes with.

This leaves Leslie and Dinah to bring up to level cap. Leslie is already at 94, so again, it won’t take long (Gorgrond, Talador, just enough of Spires of Arak to get Admiral Taylor– because, dammit, Jamieson Price! one of the Kings of Ham and Cheese Sandwiches alongside Cam Clarke!– and then Nagrand). Dinah, however… could be a bit of a problem because she’s barely touched Pandaria and I really don’t want to slog through that again. Uuuugh. I may just Pet Battle my way out of there, if only to fend off temptation to buy the lvl 90 boost.

As for Kopii Yoshi, she’s cleared 6 out of 7 of the Highmaul bosses on Normal. We’re devoting Saturday’s raid session to stomping on Imperator Mar’gok’s dumb ogre face. I don’t know if there’s an achievement for clearing Highmaul Normal, but if there is it would be very, VERY helpful for “normal” Yoshi, who is stuck having to PUG raid because my Alliance guild is, uh… just me and my brother at this point, and I don’t have friends who main Alliance and could therefore let us tag along on guild runs. And, well, if you’ve used Group Finder, people are super demanding even for Normal, I’ve even seen some listings that demand Ahead of the Curve just to run Normal mode! What the hell? But, yeah, if I could have some kind of proof I’ve done all of Highmaul Normal, even if it was on my Horde counterpart, it might let me placate some of those fussy PUG raid leaders enough to get me in. I won’t be like my brother and wallow in despair at not being able to raid for lack of people!


Aside from throwing Rei into LFR for gear, I need to send her transmog hunting. Mainly for bows, because pretty much the rest of her look is done. Much like with Phil, it looks like my search will take me into old Outland raids. Being a hunter, I don’t think Rei will have any trouble!

(seriously, I have other things to talk about, I just need to organize them better. Soon!)

Tales of Hynderia (or, Yoshi really likes Warlords)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

So, uh… yeah. That kinda happened! Hello 2015, when did YOU happen?

Needless to say, I’ve been playing lots and lots of WoW, WAY more than since my last post. As of this writing, I have 4 lvl 100 characters: Yoshi, Phil, Kopii Yoshi and, as of a couple days ago, Hynderia.

Look at my awesome transmog!Hynderia's sexy cape and sword. Doesn't it look like RT!Excalibur?

Hynderia is a character from my ginormous OC pile I don’t bring out very often. Well, for one thing, she didn’t really exist before I started playing WoW. I came up with her as a replacement for Hikaru, my primary OC who normally takes on the melee DPS/tank role in MMOs (in addition to, you know, being the main character of the original stories she’s in)– however, because of the lore in WoW and gameplay limitations, it would have been impossible to roll Hikaru and retain her race and special abilities in any satisfactory capacity. WoW DOES have Black Dragons, and while they are (like just about every other fictional depiction) depicted as being evil, I could have worked around that. But there would have been no way to retain Hikaru’s hyper-regeneration, there is no such player-usable effect on a melee DPS character.