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(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Gourmet Trio of Pink

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

We interrupt your summer shenanigans for a massive serving of…
Gourmet Ramen: Chelsea Torn Gourmet Ramen: Avatar Asuka Gourmet Ramen: Chelsea and GatewayPink.
Lots of it. Well, some red, too, but HOLY CRAP ALL THE PINK.

This was a Gourmet Ramen (commission), hence it got shoved up in the queue. You, too, can buy your way to the top; if you want to commission a piece (or 3), leave a comment or DM me on Twitter or harass me however you normally do with what you want. $20 for a single, or 3 for $50! (There’s also the “2 for $35” but the above two are the most popular. Basically, if you order in multiples with a minimum of 2, take off $5 per add.)
Digital delivery only, but you do get the original layered PSD to play with as you like. :)

Anywho, for the moment, looks like the summer shenanigans will continue. It’s only the 17th, so there should be time for at least two more. The final summer vacation piece will involve fireworks… and Meteor Storm. >:D