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Toilet Humor

Friday, May 13th, 2016

In which I blather about dumb shit going around Facebook, right?

Today’s topic: the drama about proposed “bathroom laws” and why it’s a thinly-veiled excuse to punish transgendered people (also, you don’t REALLY care about women being raped)

It’s, like… why is transgendered folks using the bathroom a problem now? They’ve been doing it for years and not much, if any fuss, has been made over it. Only now is it becoming a capital-I issue and, as you can expect, a lot of the naysayers are throwing caution to the wind and letting their hateful flags fly.

The main argument against letting trans people continue as they were is that it would supposedly “let men put on a wig and dress and attack women in the bathroom.” Hi, this happens already. A law or rule enforcing “each gender to their own bathroom” will not put up a forcefield around the doors, scanning everyone to verify their gender. Someone determined to sexually assault another person is going to follow them into the bathroom, rules and laws be damned, full stop.

How would you even enforce such a law, anyway? Hire someone to stand at the door for the sole purpose of verifying one’s gender? For one thing, that would cost money, which of course no site owner will want to eat, so they’ll either bake it into their prices (if a store/restaurant), cut wages, eliminate services, or directly charge for access. Yeah, that’s going to go over well. And, of course, any backlash will cause people to point their fingers (wrongly) at trans people, as if they needed any more reason to inflict scorn and (likely) violence.

Also, people forget that same-gender assault is VERY much a thing. Women attack each other in the bathroom, men attack each other in the bathroom. Pedophiles, who statistically gravitate towards younger boys, attack their victims in the bathroom.

The secondary argument is just outright discomfort and/or transphobia. This one I am marginally less critical of, because at least there’s some shred of honesty (and I have relatively more respect for someone who is honest about their bigotry as opposed to someone who would hide behind religion and other platitudes), but there are a mess of counters for it. You have most likely used the same bathroom as a transgendered person at one point, without realizing it. How many people actually make eye contact with another person in the bathroom, anyway? Most of us just want to get in and out of there as quickly as possible, we don’t really have time to be looking over someone to see if they’re the “correct” gender. Someone who might be trans but doesn’t COMPLETELY pass, well, I might do a brief, quiet double take (because human curiosity) but otherwise go about my business.

A transgendered person is no different from us, they want to get their business over with and be on their way. Why should we make it harder for them, unless it is just a latent desire to punish them? If the naysayers have their way, the end result will backfire SO HARD, because you really would have, oh, a pre-transitioned man in the women’s bathroom. The awkward facepalm is so real.

“Oh, but loopholes! Someone could put on a wig and–” Well, they do that now. Report creepers to security. Carry pepper spray. Learn self-defense! There are existing laws against this behavior! We don’t need to police transgendered folks over a hypothetical (and a statistically-rare, almost impossible) situation that happens more often with straight folks and those of the same gender.

I feel like the sudden concern about women and girls’ safety in the bathroom comes off as disingenuous and even hypocritical. We sadly have a terrible track record when it comes to prevention, investigation and prosecution of sexual assault (as well as support for victims). People (men, really) playing the “safety of women” card don’t really care about stopping the assault on women in the bathroom, because they aren’t willing to go the full distance to actually correct the problem. If you want to really stop women from being raped in the bathroom, you don’t put into place laws against transgendered people, you do things like, oh, teach men to NOT RAPE, for starters. You would take victims seriously, you would actually put funding and effort into investigating and prosecuting those who commit such crimes.

Finally, there are other reasons why unisex bathrooms should be a thing (on top of not bellyaching over transgendered people): single fathers with young or infant daughters, parents of disabled children, people with elderly disabled parents, to name some. Are we going to screw them over some bigotry? I hope not.

You know who IS willing to screw unrelated portions of the population over their bigotry, though: the Lt. Governor of Texas, who is so bent on digging in his heels over this nonsense that he’s going to defy the recent presidential directive to quit interfering with transgendered people’s access to the bathroom. That’s right, he’s so dedicated to his hate that he would sacrifice federal funding for schools to feed it. A lot of that money goes to the free/reduced lunch program there, so he is effectively going to make a lot of children go hungry. He claims that the state will find replacement funds, but we all know that schools are among the first things on the budgetary chopping block, so they’re most likely  going to have to go without. What the actual fuck, Texas? Of course, this will also lead to blame unfairly being dumped on transgendered kids for ruining it for everyone, right?

It’s just a freaking bathroom. Let people pee!

Ink is not soup

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

With real paper! And ink!

Holy crap, you guys. How long has it been since I’ve put pen to paper for not-writing/form-filling purposes?

This hardcover sketchbook that Bren brought me while I was in the hospital has been staring at me for MONTHS, and finally I guess I cracked and opened it up. (It helps I had my favorite kind of ink pen, the almighty Uniball, on hand. Yeah, that’s it up there in the pic.) But then I stalled, because I realized this was really nice paper, and my Uniball alone wasn’t enough to do it justice.

I had wanted to play with grayscale markers for awhile, and it looks like this will be my chance. But just any old gray marker from a $10 Crayola box won’t do, this is good paper and good paper demands good marker. I’ve been looking at this 12-pack of Prismacolor Neutrals for a few days, and I might just spring for it– it’s at a pretty generous discount, and after getting an unexpected bonus from a Gourmet Ramen client, I think I can justify a little fun. If I were to order it now, it wouldn’t get here until Monday even with Prime shipping, so I’ll just wait so it will (hopefully) get lumped with the Galaxy Note 10.1 screen protector I want to get. (grumble grumble something about Amazon breaking up shipments even after telling them to hold and ship all at once)

In the meantime I did scribble something on the inside cover. It started out as an attempt to replicate this circular-linear pattern I saw in Ar Tonelico (I think it’s actually the installer port tattoo that appears on Reyvateils?) and then I started playing with extrapolating the lines and then it kinda just… went out of control. Next thing I know I’m generating new, similar patterns in varying scales. No doubt it’s going to sap this poor Uniball dry, since it’s not meant for large fills. I’m torn on whether or not to put in hexagon outlines in the background, or reserve it for when I get the markers.

IN OTHER NEWS, I grabbed the Mac retuned port of SimCity. Ordinarily it’s $20 on Steam, but Joystiq Deals had it on sale for $5. I’d missed this game so much, and because I don’t have access to Blastoise I couldn’t play it on Windows! But now I nabbed the Mac retune on the cheap (“retune” as in “updated to be compatible with the newer versions of OS X”) and, uh, I kinda burned away the past two days on that game rather than working on the Law and Order piece like I was supposed to. But, I’ll be back at the Painter thing later tonight. Why not now? Because I’ve got YouTube subscription videos to catch up on, and this ramen is probably going to put me to sleep soon after.

Too long to be a tweet

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Wakachan needs a /dragon/. I can’t believe they DON’T have anything like that. I don’t care if it’s literally dragons or hybrid dragons (e.g. dragon-girls with huge boobs, the usual imageboard translation of “hybrid”). Boooo!

Perhaps I should consider an expansion to my artbook stash… >_>;;; *digs up Disgaea 1 artbook*

Also me + Painter at 3am willl forever be a horrible, horrible thing. >:P


Thursday, June 25th, 2009

WTF, yo. I transferred downstairs because my internets went out, and piped my cable stream to the Slingcatcher so I could watch Countdown while waiting for food… and after that, I was going to go back upstairs since internets came back, but I was waiting on a commercial to do the switch.

One extremely bizarre dream later (something involving a mass bus transport of old high school and college acquaintances to the Montclair mall food court for a bigger-than-Xbox pizza party, even though everything else suggested that some big disaster had just happened that demanded massive evacuations), and I wake up to my cat curling up next to me… and Morning Joe is on the TV. Oh CRAP. o_o;; Did I really sleep through the entire evening? Argh…

Additionally this is a not-so-subtle reminder of how much my own bed SUCKS.
Take this for reference: Lately I’ve only been able to get about 4-5 hours a night there, and I wake up in weird positions, like… rotated counter-clockwise so I’m all scrunched up against the wall? WTF. Or I’m sitting up and… why am I brushing my hair? And like yesterday, it took being touched by my cat to fully revive me.
I mean, I know my mattress is pretty freaking old, half of it’s sunken from years of sleeping primarily on one side (and, yes, because I’m a blubbertard, but I’d like to think that it’s not possible to INSTANTLY cause these things), but… wow. o.O I’m getting a pretty crappy quality of sleep here, and while my weight is surely a factor (I really am trying to figure out a fix for this at least on the activity side of things, one that DOESN’T open me up for massive amounts of mother’s drama queenery), my bed isn’t innocent either. Of course, like most furniture-related matters here, I’ve gotten the shaft with my bed, too.

In a perfect world, I’d have something like the gigantic, bigger-than-kingsize guildmaster bed in Ragnarok TWILIGHT. Canopy with purple sheets and all that, and a curtain, hell yeah. But, sadly, such a thing would never fit into my room, not even if I had pushed to have mine merged with the almost-never-used guest room when the house was being built.

Side note: I seem to have this thing about… enclosures within enclosures or something. Canopy beds, yes, but also tents. Why, just a few days ago I was looking through the camping section of R.E.I. and I caught myself nearly drooling over the gigantic tents and considering buying one just to store in the Yoshi Car in case I get stranded in the middle of nowhere or something, just like the time I checked the Survival Cooking list of best coolers even though I was not planning on going camping. I thought this was influenced by a particular scene in RT involving tents, only to remember that I’ve always had this weird fixation.

Memories of reference: as a kid, in addition to the usual “yay pillowforts and blanket forts!” thing that nearly all kids partake in at some point… well, because I wanted a canopy bed so much but we couldn’t really fit one in my room, the next best thing I could get was a bunk bed with the upper bed almost never used, so I would actually tuck half of a blanket between the upper mattress and the lower frame and pretty much make my own curtain of sorts.

We have decided to stock only quality products. The comparison of tomahawks we offer you will stand the test of time and won’t let you down.

I think I kept this up until I got my own TV midway through 8th grade. :P Also, in just about every Universe that I either wrote or have considerable influence in, the main character has a canopy bed or something resembling one. I think currently the only exception is Black Star, simply because circumstances there would have made it impossible without a bunch of needless plot hole-fu.

I’m sure Pigeon or someone with an eye for psychology could yank out some extremely technical explanation for my “space within a space” thing. Or, more likely, there’s some really simple explanation that I’m overlooking BECAUSE it’s that simple and I’m a dork for trying to make it more profound than it really is. One thing’s for sure… whenever I get the hell out of here and into my own space, I’m freaking commissioning a carpenter or someone to construct my ultimate bed. o_o

Oh, where was I? Ah, yes… I need a new bed. Or at least, a new mattress. I’ll have to once again put off ambitions of upgrading to a canopy in favor of something that won’t have me shifting positions or waking up in weird places or something… also I only have $2700 available and I need to make that last until January (unless spoony pigheads actually give me back the contents of my Magic Coin Block that I repeatedly bludgeoned to save his ass… well, I was just going to write that off as a one-way thing but he insists on paying it back, so I gotta play the part :P) so it can’t be TOO expensive. Hm. Somewhat tempted to go with that NASA-grade foam-core stuff this time, depending on how much it costs. Also the ability to adjust/recline might actually be awesome, considering how easily I fall asleep on couches and chairs.

I keep recalling bits of a commercial for that freaking store that sells all kinds of beds. WTF. I’ve practically the announcer’s script memorized and yet I can’t remember the name of the store! ARGH. He rattles off a list of brands (Sealy, Spring-air, Serta, blah blah blah) and at the end “our advertised price or your mattress is freeeeeee!” Yet the name of that bloody store eludes me. BOOOO.

…Hi, long post is looooong. Might go back to sleep until noon-ish, when I need to shower and such because today is Thursday and thus library service. This I could probably get away with my actual bed for, since it’s crappy quality will, again, at most give me 4-5 hours at a time. :P

Admiral Taggery

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

This is totally an exclusive for those viewing this from the main Ayarane Project hub. As in, this very server. Lucky you! Actually, it’s because it’s only relevant to this version of the blog and thus makes no sense to appear on the other variants.

I was SUPPOSED to go attempt sleep, um, 3 hours ago but decided on a whim to go diving through all the 150-ish posts that have been streaming here since the server change in late October of last year and add tags to all of them, since the stream widget thingy that pulls the posts off LJ won’t carry over tags and… yeah. Clearly Yoshi is very bored. From hereon I’ll try to go back and tag streamed posts (and fix the ones with YouTube/NBC video widgets since, again, the stream widget kinda forgets to import those) as soon as possible, just because it’s cleaner that way.

You’ll also see that in the byline there’s an “ITP” field (ITP being “in this post”) with the tags used. Also the Yoshi link should take you to the about page rather than another useless archive.

Why do I do this? Certainly can’t be because I’m stupidly amused by things like, oh, TAG CLOUDS and such?

What else… ah… I may replace the title text with something more graphical. But that I’ll do another time, when I am less sleepy.