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Sodas and ninjas

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I have Dinah back. And ohgod I’m so glad I renewed her warranty… she got sent to HP and they ended up replacing her entire lid, and on the invoice it said that without the warranty I would have had to pay almost $800. @_@ But now she has a new lid and everything that comes with it (for some reason I notice it more in the screws, they’re black rather than silver), and even her keyboard area got cleaned up. :D

And not that I thought it would come to it, but all her data’s still there. The Geek Squad clerk that brought out Dinah was squeeing over my Chiyo-kitty wallpaper and she wanted to know if she could loot it to her flash drive. XD;

So now I’m here, Dinah’s plugged back in and patching stuff (Windows Update, CoH, etc.) and I have tasty Jack in the Box. Omnomnom. Rineas’ status card is sketched, just need to ink and color that fool.

And yes it really did take me 2 hours to finish writing this post. I blame big yellow furballs constantly batting at stuff on my desk. :P

(WIP) Panty Ninja Fodder

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

A ninja status card is done.

Magic randomizer block selects Deeum as being next in the queue. But… I’m nodding off like crazy here and I didn’t sleep all that great yesterday. I may go snooze a bit before starting up again.

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Kittypile!

Friday, October 31st, 2008


Across Halloween '08: Kittypile!
Click for fullview.

Clearly, it has been anything but spooky for this year’s Halloween. :P If anything, it’s been lots and lots of cute! o_o
Why yes, I somehow managed to satisfy the demand for both Duxx AND Chelsea. Ah, the power of Ninja Nekokoneko! Give them all treats or, well, I think they’ll wear you down with their mewing.
(Poor Hikaru, I think she’s just overloaded with the sheer cuteness of the whole thing that she’s at a loss for words.)

Speaking of treats… I think this is one of those rare moments in which I either actually smell something or THINK I do. (Believe it or not, it happens… often, it’s the scent of garlic bread, yet the source is actually meat loaf or something completely unrelated.) I must investigate. >_>

(WIP) Spooky Kittypile

Monday, October 27th, 2008


Yeah, that’s right… let’s get some Chiyo-brand poofy cat suits up in here. Not just Chelsea (in the middle), but Hikaru as well! (This also demands that Hikaru goes pigtailed-mode.) Let’s trick-or-treat with the power of CUTE.

And who is that on the left? Duxx… in a Nekokoneko suit. (It’s offscreen but there’s a cutaway panel of him all :3 underneath.) Though, when I’m done, the actual suit will be all ninja-fied and such so, really, Duxx cosplaying as Nekokoneko cosplaying as Duxx.

Surely this year’s Halloween scribbles have been more on the cute end than of the “HURR LET’S STEAL CANDY FOR LULZ” variety. Wonder what November will bring…? Or, more importantly, December… o.o