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Codec Moment

Monday, May 16th, 2011

As if Microsoft buying Skype isn’t already silly enough, now we have a new video chat service, “AV for AIM.” Despite what the name says, you don’t even need to have an AIM account or anything. Huh. It can go to up to 4 users, where Skype is capped at 2 before it starts charging, so this might be something to consider for upcoming shenanigans. :P As it stands, it kinda looks like something out of Tales’ skit interface. Hah!

I feel I need to drag back out an old video chat wishlist item I’ve been sitting on forever and could very well be feasible now: Someone needs to rig a Metal Gear-like Codec skin for this! I don’t care what flavor (well, all Codec variants would be ideal… I’m partial to the Codec used in MGS2). It’s just a matter of repositioning the video windows, tossing a filter on ’em and the text chat would go underneath.

Painter 12 appears to indeed be maximum no-suck. I’ll just, uh, wait for deviantArt to spam my PM inbox with promo codes and what-have-you for Painter 12, because we like not having to pay full price. Among the new stuff that’s been added, Kaleidoscope Mode looks like it’ll be stupid amounts of fun– could be useful for making magic glyphs and such! PNG support is also yay (it actually appeared in 11, but, again, 11 sucked so much I ended up going back to 10).

I should transfer to Blastoise to ramen it up, but this big orange troll over here insists I pet him right now or else he will sit on me. :P